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Feb 1, 2007 03:28 PM


Anyone had a recent dining experience at Higgins, restaurant or bar?

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  1. We were in the bar this weekend. Each couple shared a dish, and when they were brought out they were on separate plates, which was nice. One person in our group asked about two dishes, and it was nice to be steered away from one. We liked the honesty. Food was great, service was excellent, and we had fun trying a few different beers.

    1. I recently had a delicious burger and bistro fries in the bar. Yum. Really one of the best burgers I have ever had. I have eaten dinner in the main dining room several times over the last couple of years. Some dishes have been good, others less good.

      1. I have been pleased, recently, in the bar. The recent additions to the beer list are wonderful and creative. But they seem to go through phases, sometimes, things are great, sometimes, not so great. But the bar is never bad, just disappointing sometimes.

        1. I had lunch at Higgins in the restaurant just a few weeks ago. I know not everyone loves Higgins, but I have never been let down by them and this was no exception. We had a smoked duck and lentil salad (this was the highlight -- excellent blend of flavors), cassoulet (no surprises here, just good meat 'n' beans), and a sausage tagine (really nice spicing in the veggies, sausage was hearty and spicy).