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May 31, 2005 04:19 PM


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I usually get this delicious (I eat it for dinner alot, not dessert) blintz from Trader Joes. They are SOooooos delicious.

It's going on 2 weeks that they have NOT been available at Trader Joes, and I desperately need a fix. This happened once before at Trader Joes and when they finally got them in stock, I bought 20+ in case there was a drought again.

Could someone (or the manufacturer)please tell me WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MINTZES BLINTZES at TRADER JOES ????? I've also run into people at the same freezer looking for them as well~

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  1. Frozen blintzes are not edible, at least in my opinion. I get my fix at Russian bakeries/delis on Geary and 23rd or so

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    1. re: Mr Smart

      I can't remember the name of that Russian bakery on Geary, but their pastries are delicious and really inexpensive. The cream fillings are smooth and never leave a waxy feeling in your mouth like so many cheap desserts do. Also the pastry parts are always crisp and flaky.

      1. re: Ludovika

        "that Russian bakery on Geary" could be a few places. If you recall the name, please post, as it sounds worth a visit.


        1. re: bernalgirl

          Moscow and Tbilisi Bakery, 5540 Geary (betw. 19th and 20th).

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            Oth, blintzes definately do NOT have flaky crusts...or flaky anything for that matter.

            1. re: oakjoan

              Thanks Mr Smart, that's the one. And correct, blintzes are not flaky, my mind just wandered off thinking about the other pastries they make that ARE flaky and wonderful. (Reminds me of some of my friends.)

    2. Just ask the staff or management at Trader Joe's as they usually know what is going on with their products - I went through the same thing when the Greek yogurt was not available for 6 weeks.

      And to everyone else - frozen blintzes can be good if you know how to cook them - over medium low heat. I know in the world of 'foodie competition' that they may not be as good as the ones at the Russian bakeries on Geary, but you know, the blintzes at the Russian bakeries on Geary are not nearly as good as the ones I had in Moscow or Odessa. But just as the frozen blintzes can 'hit the spot' for some of us, the bakeries on Geary will do when I can't make it to Moscow or Odessa.

      The point is that the simple question about the availability of frozen blintzes at Trader Joe's should not be a vehicle to try to demonstrate 'foodie superiority.'

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      1. re: George

        It was my opinion that frozen blintzes (and frozen food in general) is not edible..except for ice cream :) It's still my opinion. You have a different opinion and that's great. Welcome to Chowhound.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I am sure frozen blintzes have improved in the 6 years since Trudi's request. I like the ones I get occasionally at Costco but not their potato knishes. They make me think of potato inari.

        2. TJ's has stopped carrying Mintzes Blintzes and is replacing them with an in house brand that contains cheese. I wrote them a scathing email and notified them I am on strike from shopping at their store. This is not the first time they have dropped or brought in-house and ruined a product.

          I have been searching all around Glendale-Pasadane area and kind not find them. We really thought Whole Foods or Henrys would have them.

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          1. re: jhihn

            If I recall correctly Mintzes Blintzes are a vegan product and are made by the same guy who invented Tofutti. Because they are vegan they are also pareve -- meaning that they can be served with either meat or dairy in a kosher household. I know that I have seen them in the frozen food sections of lots of kosher markets and possibly even in the kosher frozen food section of a regular supermarket, so I would look in those two types of places.

            1. re: ravchaz

              Thanks I had not thought of that.