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Feb 1, 2007 03:13 PM

Good eats near Lake Merced/Daly City?

Hi there. I live over on the Lake near Fort Funston and the Olmpic Club (and on the border of Daly City).

Could anyone please reccommend some good places to dine in this area? I love all sorts of food....I just feel like I always have to venture into the city or over to the Sunset for good eats.


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  1. By the way, I have already been to Joe's of Westlake and Boulevard Cafe (YUCK!), Java Beach, The Beach Chalet, Chevy's at Stonestown, and Burgermeister in Daly City....

    I am looking for GOOD, healthy, tasty food (that is not a chain) :) (i.e., Sushi, Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese, even American) Thanks!

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      If you're already venturing into the Stonestown area, then go a little further north towards West Portal. Bursa Kabob (Turkish) is there and is incredibly good. There are quite a few restaurants on West Portal. Run a search for "West Portal" to find out more.
      Cafe for All Seasons is decent, if a bit pricey for dinner. Roti is a newer Indian place on West Portal as well. There's also a susi joint.

      1. re: Mari

        Thanks Mari!

        It is good to know of those others on West Portal. We like Mozarella di Buffla (my husband is Brazilian) and Squat and Gobble over there...but besides those we had not yet tried anything else in that area. So thanks!!!

        Have a great weekend!!

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          If your husband is Brazilian, a closer restaurant is Cybelle's Pizza

          If you try it, hope you'll report back. I keep hoping someone will get over to Manor Pizza.

    2. Koi Palace for really good chinese!

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        Koi Palace is for insanely busy (but very good) dim sum......but yes, I've had a good meal there too.

      2. Just Wonton (1241 Vicente /at 24th Ave.) is one favorite in that area. Don't let the name fool you, everything on the menu is good. Kind of a hole in the wall but the service is great and friendly.

        There are a couple of other places that I've heard of that I'd like to check out hopefully soon. I'll post an update after that happens.

        1. Old Mandarin Islamic on Vicente is quite good, numerous reports here.

          There are lots of cheap ethnic restaurants on Taraval, ditto.

          1. Old Mandarin Islamic is the one that's on the top of my list for that hood.

            King of Thai Noodle on Taravel (a couple blocks east of Sunset) is good and open late night but I've heard of other good Thai places, too.