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Feb 1, 2007 02:48 PM

Teaching a Cooking Class to 8-12 Year Olds...Ideas?

Hi Everyone!

"Long time, no see". I miss cooking!

Anyway, I've been asked to teach a cooking class to some 8-12 year olds. I'd like recipes that can be completed in about 1 hour (but that are still all from scratch AND delicious). I thought of making Krissywats crackers (love those!!). I'll probably make my Baked Oatmeal too. Any other ideas? TIA :)

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  1. basics like soups, salads, different ways of cooking eggs, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, stir fry, pasta or noodles, vegetables.
    I assisted with one class that used the "Everybody Eats ..." series. So they learned how to make rice and dishes that go with rice. Bread. Corn based foods, etc.

    1. Pizza (my 13 y.o. recommends homemade Pillsbury!), mac n cheese, fruit smoothies, chocolate chip cookies, German oven pancake, lemonade, quesadillas...

      1. Must agree with pizza. Buy dough from Trader Joes to speed up the process. Let them choose the toppings. They will feed themselves for life if they know how to make pizza. Plus they'll actually eat it.

        Kids only like the mac n cheese in a box. The Blue Box. No substitutions.

        Mashed potatoes. They can garnish these any number of ways. They can have mashed potato sundaes. I'd like a kid that could take over mashed potato duty on Thanksgiving one day.

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          Hi Pate,

          I've got my ten and thirteen y.o. daughters with me even as I type, and they feel very strongly that non-boxed mac n cheese is far superior, as well as homemade dough...well, maybe they're picky, BUT it's worthwhile to try the real thing.

          Mashed potatoes are fun, but watch the kids' fingers with the peelers.

          Oh, and this just in from the ten y.o....PASTA!

          1. re: 280 Ninth

            You've got much smarter kids than the ones I hang out with. I have a great mac n' cheese recipe which grown-ups adore and kids won't touch. It doesn't look "right". Works for me because there's more for us big kids.

            Pasta is safe. Picky ones and others can toss on toppings at will. It might not take long enough though. The 10 minute waiting for the water to boil and the 12 minutes waiting for the pasta to cook is an eternity with a bunch of wiggly kids. How about meatballs. Kids like playing with mushy stuff. It'll keep their little hands busy.

            1. re: Pate

              While they're waiting for the water to boil and the pasta to cook, they can work in teams on toppings. They can learn that pasta doesn't have to be covered with something red.

        2. I once taught Brownie Girl Scouts how to make apple fritters from a Gourmet magazine recipe. They were afraid of the hot oil at first, but they loved it, and the results.

          1. I think kids like magic and real stuff. Oh yes! Pizza with real dough...but also show dough makes rolls, etc. And since you cannot do a real dough in that time, at least, do the yeast bubbles in sugar water and stir in flour to show gluten development. Do some serious "grown-up" manners, kids want to know how to act that way! Do tastes....(pick, again, grown up stuff) surprise them! A Kid in a class will taste something h/er Mom swears they would a class of peers!