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Feb 1, 2007 02:38 PM

Can I freeze oyster stew?

Costco sells quart jars of fresh, shelled oysters, too much to use at once, but less expensive than the little 8-oz size. I thought of cooking a batch of oyster stew and freezing half but I'm afraid the oysters might get tough. Has anyone tried this?

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  1. Should be OK and not tough. But if your oyster strew is thin there may be some separation when it thaws. A rich cream based stew should work well.

    1. The only trouble I've had is with the little chunks of potato. If you omit this, it should be fine.

      1. I would just use the oysters you need for the stew and freeze the remaining oysters. It does not hurt the oysters at all. I do that frequently.

        1. Sure. Campbell's used to market a very tasty frozen oyster stew (which unfortunately was discontinued),