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Feb 1, 2007 02:24 PM

Rosewater - recent dinner experience

I thoroughly enjoyed dinner at Rosewater two weeks ago and, because it's always struck me as odd that people leave it off their lists of Park Slope bests, wanted to make sure to post a brief note here. I highly recommend people give it a try, for the following reasons.

- They accomodated our last-minute reservation request with grace and good humor, juggling us a prime table even though the place was full
- The wait staff were polished and professional, even bringing over tastes of three different wines to help my friend decide what to order
- The food, from a menu that was recently revised to emphasize late winter local options and to emphasize smoky, spicy flavors, was all delicious and the portions (unlike the celebrated Applewood) were ample across the board
- The menu was so well planned and full of enticing options that it took us a particularly long time to decide what to order
- Last, but definitely not least for me, the bathroom was well heated on a frigid night. Since I find too many Slope restaurants have freezing and unpleasant bathrooms, I appreciated the considerate touch.

Give it a try!

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  1. Here's my take on Rose Water. The service was bar-none. Friendly, attentive. Perfect. And the atmosphere was great, too. However, both myself and my girlfriend ordered fish dishes, and both were pretty bland. And it's not like they were cheap. So I left feeling dissatisfied with the food and about a hundred bucks poorer. I'm willing to go back and try them again, because maybe it was an off day, but still.

    1. I totally agree. I love Rosewater. i've always had delicious meals there. aweosme pork. Actually it is one of my favorite restaurants in Park Slope.
      Another note recently discovered BAr Toto it is so good, the rigatoni with brocolli rabe and sausage is deelish