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Feb 1, 2007 02:21 PM

coffee beans

What is your favorite roast and vendor? I am a fan of the Indonesia blends, strong, dark and not too acidic. My husband prefers the French Roast. Is there something out there we both could enjoy? This is for regular drip coffee, not espresso.

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    1. I'll rotate through various local roasters for the beans I take home but I always love Cafe Umbria. For drip, I buy their darkest beans - the blend called Arco Etrusco. Whenever I make it to one of the Ken's Markets, I like Mukilteo's French roast...just like you said, strong, dark and not too acidic.

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        Where are Ken's Markets located?

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          I know of 2. One is on Queen Anne - It is on McGraw at the 6th avenue corner (kiddie corner from Macrina. There is another one on Phinney Ridge. It is on Phinney at 72nd or 73rd. (Phinney may have turned into Greenwood Avenue at that point) Anyway it is a block south of 74th Street Alehouse, same side of the street. I've purchased the Mukilteo at this location and would have to double check about availability on Queen Anne. Come to think of it, I've also purchased it at the small market on Fremont Avenue at 43rd Street. And if you get that far into Fremont, head west on 43rd and check out Lighthouse Roasters at 400 N. 43rd. They might have more of the blends that you favor.

      2. I get the Highlands Blend from Diva. It is a french roast but I'm not sure what the beans are. It is very rich and caramelly.

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          Same here, Lauren...Highlands Blend from Diva. Very flavorful. Since their store at 145th and Greenwood is just 10 blocks away from my home, I buy a pound of beans from them often. It always seems like fresh from the roaster. Also a nice place to stop by and linger with a cup.