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Feb 1, 2007 02:01 PM

Buffalo Joes

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Evanston source for wings?

With Super Bowl on Sunday, I'm thinking of getting some, but wanted a reaction first.

Also, how many should one order per head?



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  1. I have always enjoyed Bufflao Joes for wings. My favorite part is they load up the suicide wings with sliced jalepenos for munching.

    as far as wings go they are above average. as far as how many wings per person Iguesss that would depend on how many other items you will be having on the menu.

    go colts.

    1. disgusting now. suicide wings completely lacks spice. tiny wings, overly fried, zilch meat. not sure how canned jalapenos add to this sickening experience.

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      1. re: TonyC

        if you eat jalepenos(canned or fresh) like potato chips like I do, it makes any spicy item better.

        I have not been in about 2 years, perhaps they have gone down hill( folks need to remember this is a hole in the wall, dive type place, not 5 star dining..). But for a cheap snack in expensive Evanston they are not the worst thing I have had.

        Go Colts.

      2. They're as good as they've ever been, same tasty sauce, etc. Then again, if you want something with a lot of meat, you shouldn't be getting wings anyway...

        1. good place and they sell the wings by the tray so they will tell you how much to order
          the burgers are also good
          In tonys defence the wings are very small (Baby amish farm raised chicken)