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Best brunch Buffet?

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Inn of the Seventh ray? campanile? Akira? Sienna cafe? Others?

What's the best?

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        Thanks. I didn't recall one but thought maybe they had added one since the last time we went for brunch, (which is good - as opposed to their dinners).

    1. The Four Seasons....yummmmmmmm

      1. I think that that the Brunch at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena, the old Huntington Hotel is the best in the area. But I have never been to any in LA either.

        1. Four Seasons gets my vote too.

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              Yes, that's the one. They do tons of press junkets there on the weekend, so you might find a celebrity or two in the lobby or while you are waiting for your car from the valet. So if that floats your boat, it's a fun reason to go. But even without that, its a very complete brunch with nice rooms to dine in. It's pricey though. I think last time we were there (2-3 years ago) it was about $65 a person.

              One of the problems I find personally with buffets, especially expensive ones, is that I don't feel like I'm getting my moneys worth since I can't eat $65 worth of food. I don't do buffets anymore as there are so many nice places to go where you can have a nice meal for about $25-$30 per person and it's a more pleasant experience and better value. Jar, Campanile, Cafe Del Rey, Pacific Dining Car are a few of my non-buffet favorites.

              But since you asked about buffets specifically, do I recommend the Four Seasons in BH over others I've been to.

          1. http://www.trumpgolf.com/trumplosange...

            Trump's national golf club used to have a magnificent brunch. here is the website...You will need to call to find out what is on the buffet. The setting is lovely.

            1. Shanghai Reds in Marina del Ray is always good, fresh blue crab and good omelets. mimosa's come with it, but it can get really crowded, especially after church.

              1. Taps in Brea
                Spaghettini's in Seal Beach
                Cafe Sierra at the University Studios Hilton

                1. The Peninsula does a nice brunch. FS is way too expensive. If you want to eschew the buffet, think about Jar or Campanile for brunch. Both excellent and not too expensive. Recommend the pot roast hash at Jar.

                  1. Jer-Ne at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey.

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                      ipsedixit - can you elaborate on why you like Jer-Ne. I'm really interested in checking it out, but not sure why it's the best. Thanks!

                      1. re: tatertots

                        Two reasons -- variety and presentation.

                        First, the variety. Very few buffets will offer a full caviar service, plus a sushi bar, along with biscuits and gravy. All of it done with care and attention (well, as much care and attention that can possibly be achieved in a buffet).

                        Second, the presentation. The buffet layout is presented tastefully and spread throughout the restaurant. No long Vegas-style buffet stations where you feel like you're dining at a cafeteria. In fact, I dare say that the presentation is so well-done you don't even feel the urge to gorge yourself -- because doing so will only make you feel out of place given how everything is artfully set-up.

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                          full caviar service?!?! oh my, i will need to check jer-ne out one of these days.

                    2. Maison Akira is comparatively less pricey (around $30-35 I believe, plus a glass of bubbly to boot), the spread is rather small and cramped but the items are generally good, from others opinion and what I saw (I did the a la carte brunch bento box, though, when I was there -- and that was definitely quite yummy)


                      1. Of the Buffets, the place to go is a toss up between Ritz MDR and Four Seasons BH. Four Seasons has champagne by the glass (which is very expensive), and Ritz has refills on their house champagne. I prefer the waffle bar at Four Seasons than the Ritz's. Ritz has caviar, while the Four Seasons does not. The desserts are better at the Four Seasons, but the ambiance is a little nicer at the Ritz. The Four Seasons is crazy buzy.

                        Lowes SM has a buffet too.

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                          "Lowes SM has a buffet too"

                          They had ended this sometime ago. Did they bring it back again?

                          1. re: tony michaels

                            We went about 7 years ago and were not impressed.

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                            Too rich for my blood. I was looking for more of a $10-$40 price range. I don't think I'd ever pay over $40 for a brunch buffet. I can't eat that much food.

                            1. re: Diana

                              If price is an issue, you might try Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch in Marina for a solid soul food Sunday brunch for about $16. The biscuits are amazing little bombs of buttery goodness and I swear I must eat 3-4 each time I go. Beyond that the food isn't spectacular by any means, but all pretty good. They offer a good mix of breakfast foods, soul food and dessert. I like their smothered pork chops, potato salad, stuffing, ribs, grits and bread pudding. A good choice when you want a lot of food and a lot of variety. The service can be a little mixed (sometimes very friendly and attentive, sometimes non-existant). Overall, I'd recommend.

                          3. Over the years, the Ritz and Four Seasons are far superior quality wise than any others I have been to (buffet brunch). Yes the prices are very high, but if you have a good appetite the value is not a question for me.

                            I usually go only on Mothers day and one other time during the year and most often have frequented the Ritz in Laguna and the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, although I would think the quality is consistent at all of their locations in the same locale.

                            1. For best VALUE, two Sunday brunch suggestions in the $30-35 range:
                              Cafe Sierra in the Universal Hilton. Extensive buffet w Asian emphasis. Fresh, fresh shellfish - mussels, oysters, crab legs, shrimp. Usual carving & omelet stations & chafing dish dishes. Sushi bar, w chef & caviar choices. Strong desserts, weak breads. For pure protein, doesn't get any better.
                              Queen Mary. While the splendid former main salon may seem like the star of the show, the buffet dishes ain't half bad. Among the 50 or so choices, you'll find several that float your boat, particularly if your boat is registered in Mexico. Excellent shellfish choices & fun dessert station. Great for family or other social group.

                              1. Duke's, on the PCH opposite Las Flores Cyn. Good food, and what a view!!

                                1. California YC in MdR has a nice Sunday brunch spread. I think that you have to be with a member, but maybe not. You can call and find out.

                                  1. I recommend the Warehouse (Marina Del Rey) Sunday Buffet Brunch - it's nothing fancy, but they offer all the standard Sunday Brunch Menu items, service is good and atmosphere is nice. Similar to Shanghai Red's but I think the quality of food is better at the Warehouse. Plus they are really generous with their "mimosas."

                                    1. imo Shanghai Red's and Warehouse are the same poor quality. You are better off going to Cafe del Rey for a non-buffet brunch, which has a great view and much better food.

                                      1. four seasons for sure. amazing.