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Feb 1, 2007 01:38 PM

DFW - Breakfast Spots

Hi all! I'm looking for a great place to eat breakfast in Dallas. I used to love Benedict's, but no more.

What do you all recommend?

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  1. Cafe Brazil is a favorite.

    1. Garden Cafe for the ambiance.
      Breadwinners for the mimosas and sweets.
      Buzzbrews for the monster omelettes.
      Original Pancake House for the perfectly crisp bacon.
      Blue Mesa Grill for the brunch buffet.
      Ciudad for something different.
      Still looking for a really great, cheap breakfast taco.
      Been meaning to try Legal Grounds.

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      1. re: vktp

        Not impressed with Garden Cafe's food.
        I second Original Pancake House but it can be VERY crowded on weekends.

        1. re: Scagnetti

          Yep, Original Pancake House gets crowded for good reason. Thirded!

          1. re: air

            I like it too. The freshly squeezed orange juice is great, and I like to get the Texas Benedict with poached eggs instead of scrambled. The fruit is always beautifully fresh ... I sub it for the pancakes.

            1. re: foiegras

              I rarely eat breakfast out but when I do, It's always at the Original Pancake House. I particularly like their natural casing turkey sausage links with my perfectly poached eggs over hash browned potatoes. .

              1. re: twinwillow

                So along the line of those exceptional turkey links - know where a similar sausage could be found for "home use"??? They really are good. I've looked at "regular" grocery stores and can't find anything but Jimmy Dean and it's ilk. Am going to CM later today so will try to remember to look there. I've been scoping the situation for a couple of months and so far, have come up with nada on the breakfast style poultry link.

                1. re: CocoaNut

                  Wholefoods used to carry them. They were great! Uncooked turkey breakfast links in the natural casing. Tasted just like pork but 1/2 the calories and fat. But alas, no more!
                  Now, all they stock are the skinless pre-cooked Jimmy Dean type breakfast links!
                  I believe they were the Applegate Farms brand.

                  1. re: CocoaNut

                    I think that CM's breakfast sausages are all pork, but they certainly make poultry sausage. You should talk to them ... if nothing else, maybe they could make you a special order to freeze.

                    1. re: foiegras

                      :) I was just there yesterday and bought my usual chicken/apple and chicken/feta. As I stood there, I thought about asking if they do/would make a poultry sausage for b'fast, but as we all know, CM is crazy busy on weekends. Will have to go back on a weekend.

                      Thanks to both!

          2. re: vktp

            Legal Ground is only ok.

            Can I add La Duni to the list? I think they are in the same league as Breadwinners

            And then there are my spots for bottomless mimosas on Sunday morning: Amuse and Cosmo Rouge.

            And, Tin Star is always good for breakfast tacos.

          3. Our favorites:

            Cafe Brazil - for something out of the ordinary
            Cindy's - for not so healthy omletes
            All Good Cafe - great breakfast when we go to the farmer's market
            Mecca - great old "truck stop" breakfast, my personal favorite
            Lucky's - good standby

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            1. re: MarcusB

              These are some great ideas. I love La Duni for brunch, been there several times.

              I also love Zaguan. Great pastries, fresh juices, and omelettes.

              1. re: MarcusB

                I must second the Mecca rec! Those cinnamon rolls make it worth getting up and making the drive for me. :)

                  1. re: vktp

                    It is right off of Harry Hines and Northwest Hwy in a kind of old white two story house looking building. SO good!

              2. I love Zaguan too! Their Venezuelan food is also very tasty. Last time I gorged myself on their cachapas (so yummy!). I'm so glad that someone else thinks so, the place always seems so empty when I go.

                For really cheap and quick breakfast tacos: The taquitos (with potatoes and cheese) at Whataburger are amazingly good.

                1. Right down the street from Benedicts is a greasy spoon called Pete's Cafe. Its on Belt Line just west of Marsh. Good biscuits and gravy. They also use real and fresh potatoes for their hash browns, not the frozen nuggets several breakfast joints use.

                  For breakfast tacos try Plano Tortilla Factory (aka Aparacios). Its near old downtown Plano.