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Feb 1, 2007 01:01 PM

Easy antojito or Tex-Mex appetizer suggestions

Not looking for a dip, but something a little more substantial that won't get soggy if made an hour or two before being served to a group ~20 people. I need something made from relatively easy to find ingredients as well.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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  1. Spicy ground pork meatballs just nicely browned and kept warm on a hot tray or even in something like a wide mouthed fondue pot or a chafing dish and served with a bowl of cool creamy guacamole for dunking them in is very good. You could also just make some cubed pork carnitas and serve the sam way, but I really like making up the meatballs and getting a bunch of good spices into them.

    1. One appetizer that I have had in Patzcuaro, Michoacan that I have not seen elsewhere entails splitting dried ancho chilis, remocing the seeds, and dipping for just a few seconds into hot oil until they get a slight puff.

      The were served in managable pieces with Mexican crema drizzled on one side. and topped with cilantro.

      Very tasty.

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        What a great idea!. I'm going to try that.

      2. You could make tortilla soup.