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What's with all of The Pictures of Everyone's Animals?

I am curious, why do so many chowhounds choose to put pictures of their pets on their posts as their little logo, now that we have this new option? Why dogs, cats, tigers, a llama and rabbits? Do they have anything to do with food? Not being mean, just VERY curious

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  1. Well, I think all the pictures of HOUNDS certainly fit with the theme. And cats are the most discriminating eaters on the planet...

    Not sure about the rest rabbits and tigers. I think mostly it's just a fun way for people to share a little bit of themselves with us.


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      Well, my hound (a Norfolk Terrier) is licking up the remains of a Mont d'Or box - which he spent about 20 minutes doing and which strikes me as pretty chowish!

      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        That was my thought. Chow. Hound.

        Besides, my dog is prettier than me.

      2. I used an image that I created, hence no fear of someone coming after me for copyrighted material. I wouldn't use my own image to protect my anonymity at the restaurants I comment on here.

        1. Looks like a fun cat MC!

          1. My younger cat goes nuts over the flakes of a Masse's pastry and will break into a dead run for dungeness crab. The old chowcat -17 will do circles when the Sunday duck comes out of the oven.

            1. I was tired of seeing the little red man icon. I have more pictures of my cats than anything or anyone else, so I used the one I liked the best.

              1. Yah, I really was surprised more 'Hounds didn't use a food-pic or food-related avatar. But I have to say that everytime I see Soypower's cat avatar, I smile - it's one of my favorites.

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                  I love Soypower's cat also. I went with my beagle Mickey because he's my hound. Our golden is too much of a princess and tends to always get top billing at home and Opie our cat isnt' houndish at all (he won't even eat roasted chicken...it's Meox Mix or nothing). And I didn't feel compelled to put a pic of myself.

                2. I adore chuckles the clone's

                  1. Very simply Boru, my Airedale, is better looking than me.

                    1. Seems to me that there may very well be a correlation between having an indescribable connection to one's pets and having an indescribable connection to food and gastronomy.

                      Let's see...I have four cats and three dogs, and I'm much more food-crazed than are my friends who have fewer, or no, pets.

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                      1. re: FlavoursGal

                        I am a food obsessed maniac and have no pets.

                        1. re: FlavoursGal

                          Just one more reason not to trust people who don't like animals :-)

                        2. Rocky Balboa with a knife up one arm pir and a spoon the other wasn;t acceptable.

                          Choice was:

                          1 - Me - No one wants to see my mug, and then it looks like a dating service
                          2 - Mrs Jfood - Divorce is very expensive. I love her and like my lifestyle. A Non-starter even though many would like to see a picture of her. She's quite a looker.
                          3 - The kids - Also major lookers but with 2, how do you choose, and it would definitely look like a dating service
                          4 - Food - How does one choose
                          5 - The hound - she's adorable, was willing to sit for the James Bond photo.

                          Pretty easy decision

                          1. Too funny! I've never noticed that feature before. Now I'm going to put a picture of my stove as my logo, but you all have to ignore the ugly kitchen surrounding the stove.

                            I have three pets (cat, bird, dog) and they just won't sit together for a photo.

                            1. I could have put up a picture of one of my cats, but was afraid most of my photos are too busy and/or too detailed for such a small picture. So I used a little graphic I created for a presentation I did several years ago on shape note singing. My life outside of work is basically food, the cats, and music.

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                                Rev, I love shape note singing and have made many a dish for many a Sacred Harp potluck. My leisure time is food, music, food and food.

                              2. Anything is better than a sunburned dude holding a knife and spork.

                                1. Honestly, I think it was a way of all of us bonding on a day when we thought Chowhound as we knew it was coming to an end. If you saw the topic on Site Talk about people having more in common than just food, that's what we were talking about. It was a bright spot in that day, as silly as it sounds. And mine is cleaning up the dishwasher- not a picky hound, to be sure, but still a Chowhound!

                                  1. I thought my little feline gourmands would be an appropriate avatar... especially with their heads stuck in an icecream tub!

                                    1. call me paranoid, but i dont want my picture up there - this whole forum is intimate enough. and my dog is the hungriest creature i have ever met. my cats are better looking but incooperative. so the beagle it is.

                                      1. My dogs are both camera shy - I was torn between the image I selected and one of my cat licking his lips (see below) - be glad to hear your input about which is more appealing.

                                        1. Is that a hedgehog? I like that one best.