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Feb 1, 2007 12:06 PM

MSP - Has anyone been to Willie's Wine Bar?

I'm trying to get out to some new places this year, and willie's Wine Bar has been at the top of my list for awhile (for one because I'm afraid it might close before I get there). I might even try it tonight.

Please let me know about the food, specifically the hamachi tartare, and their wines. It looks like they have suggested wine pairings on their menu - are they good pairings?

Should I keep it on the list? What do you know about it?


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  1. I stopped in 2x for happy hour when it first opened, and I haven't been back since. The food was actually quite good (mini-Cosmos), but the ambience was non-existent and the wine list unimpressive. I'm starting to hear some better things, so maybe give it a shot.

    1. well, i went last night anyway. it was pretty good. we had a great syrah that i'll have to look for the next time I'm at the liquor store - Duxoup from Dry Creek Valley.

      the food was good, but not outstanding. we had a series of small plates so we could try several different dishes. the anchoy starter was excellent, as were the golden beets served w/truffle oil, fried basil and herbed goat cheese.

      although the scallops were cooked well, the flavor of the dish was underwhelming. the pizza didn't have enough salt, and the proscuitto starter was WAY too salty.

      overall, it was pretty expensive for 2 of us, considering the food. the wine list was very overpriced - almost to the point of insulting.

      i'd recommend it, but i wouldn't go back any time soon.