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Seamless Web Midtown - What are your favorites?

I am working midtown, and I am curious to hear from other office slaves about their favorite places to eat. I like using seamless, but I am open to using the telephone to order food occasionally too!

I know that some of the restaurants have been addressed on an old thread located here, http://www.chowhound.com/topics/222097 , but I am wondering if there any other new gems on the line up that I should try. I know that Savannah Steak and Wu Kong are off the list now. I get tired of having mediocre food from seamless!

So, here is the challenge: What are your favorites seamless restaurants? I need suggestions and alternatives for the ones below! And folks, even if you agree with other posters, please try to keep repetition to a minimum, and list your second and third favorites!

Feel free to throw in restaurants that don't use seamless too, if you think they are gems and they deliver!

My favorites so far:
Hatsuhana (Japanese) [Too expensive for regular ordering though
]The Pump (Breakfast) [Cheap and fast, but sorta plain]
Wu Liang Ye (Chinese) [Good prices, shrimp are huge, cheap lunch specials]
Red Lantern (Thai) [Great Curry]
Wild Edibles
Peking Duck House

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  1. Twin onion roll sandwich from Junior's
    Amish market east- The best Create your own salad bar in NYC.
    Ali baba- pretty good Turkish restaurant
    Blake and Todd - Really good deli sandwich. Their bread(baguette) is owesome and so is their entree
    Jackson Hole - Hamburger
    Teleon cafe- good quality deli, etc
    Ess-a-bagel- bagel sandwich with seafood salad and I order a half dozen for home

    I like Hale and Hearthy soup and sandwich but they are always late so I don't usually order from them.

    1. Josie's tuna burger, salads, unfried rice and apple pie are all good
      Mangia for the most ridiculously quick non-chinese delivery
      Spoons has the usual deli picks, as well as a large korean food section. Love how you can randomly add a fried egg to any entree and even if the food is inconsistent, I know I can fall back on lemon bundt cake =)

      1. Josie's
        Grand Sichuan
        Organic Harvest

        I tend to order a lot of Hatsuhana personally.

        It is a sad state of affairs on SW.

          1. re: jeannious

            I'll second Akdeniz. It has a pretty good hunkar begendi (I think they call it either Sultan's Delight or just smoked eggplant puree on the menu), though it a tad too floury, and decent meatballs.

          2. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Bread and Olive on 45th between 5th and 6th. Deeeelicious Lebanese food!

            1. I order hatsuhana a lot but they take forever. Tossed is ok. I saw Just Salad's is now on so I'll probably order that although its better when you watch them make it. Not a lot of good places around here deliver I guess.

              1. Berger's Deli for matzo ball soup and pastrami/corned beef combo sandwich on rye. Onion rings are also amazing from there

                1. utsav has *great* indian food. but way too expensive for ordering regularly...

                  1. oh, i also get the souper soup from sarges...they have great kreplach. and the guacamole hot dogs from f&b are good.

                    1. My new favorite and new addition to the SeamlessWeb is a Thai restaurant called 'Luscious Thai' on 1th Ave. Their lunch special is the best in the midtown.

                      1. Wow - what a cool thread! (Didn't know Seamless was so widespread.) Honestly, haven' t had much on Seamless that I liked...other than good 'ole Go Sushi.

                        The bad list is longer, including Zen Palate, Pump, and Zenith.

                        Korea Palace was okay...but not amazing....

                        1. I've had good luck with Taksim--the ground lamb wrap is tasty and the Greek salad is good too.

                          I've ordered sushi from Go Sushi and Haru and neither has been good. I guess it's just not that fresh at night (we're talking after 8:00 pm).

                          Tonight I got the bison cheesesteak from Energy Kitchen and it was alright (they include packets of hot sauce, which were what made it alright).

                          Also Burger Heaven, which is always heavy (even the salads, somehow) but solid.

                          1. i love hatsuhana and wild edibles as well but both can be $$, wild greens for salads and good wraps, fresh basils for italian.

                            1. I was sad to see Korea Palace is no longer on my seamlessweb list...they had decent food. I had a disastrous experience with Hakata Grill sending me bad fish...some of the pieces were ok, but others smelt like they were decaying. Didn't realize it until too late, vomit-o-rama. Maru Maru has mediocre sushi. Sometimes I get lucky with Monster. Wondee Siam II is decent too. Berger's on the Go has good salad. Marrakesh has great shishkabobs. I enjoyed Zethith Vegetarian too. Organic Harvest screwed me over with a delivery once, so I don't order from there.

                              Keep this thread alive!

                              1. I'm new to Seamlessweb and was told my company needs an account for me to order, does anyone know if i can order as an individual? and is there a fee I pay?

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                                  our company caters our lunches...they set an allowance per day and each user orders on their account individually.

                                  i really dig tossed's greek salad with grilled chicken available on seamless.

                                  1. re: sam1

                                    Tony Sushi, best bento box deal for dinner. You get so much food for about $15-16 with tip.

                                  2. re: tomdur

                                    yeah, you can order as an individual and pay with your credit card, and have it delivered to your office.

                                    I do that nights when I work late and then just have to submit the receipt for reimbursement at my new office - my old office had an account setup so you could skip that step.

                                    My favorites in midtown so far have been Wondee Siam, Better Burger, Curry & Curry, Ocha, Grand Sichuan, Sandwich Planet, Havana Central (for the build your own paella - not very authentic but satisfying) and Starwich. I have had really bad experiences with Red Lantern Thai and Haru Sushi.

                                    1. re: tomdur

                                      There is no fee for the individual service.

                                    2. Okay, I'm extremely late to this discussion - but to add my two cents ...

                                      Hands down, my favorite Seamless Web order is Sushi Time. The veggie rolls are utterly SUPERB! (Try the spicy, crunchy shitake rolls, and you'd never know it's not tuna...)


                                      PS: have tried Go Sushi, which just can't compare....And I agree with a few of the previous posters that Zen Palate is, well, blech, bland and made me somewhat queasy. And that's coming from a vegan who enjoys natto...

                                      1. * Molyvos for Greek
                                        * Wondee Siam for Thai
                                        * Chola and Utsav for Indian
                                        * Sarabeth's for American comfort food (mashed potatoes... mmmm....)
                                        * Roberto Passon for Italian
                                        * Brazil Grill for meat and lots of it

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                                          -Qdoba - steak burrito in a bowl
                                          -Just Salad - turkey harvest salad
                                          -Starwich - skirt steak sandwich
                                          -Jackson Hole - bacon burger
                                          -New Penang - hainanese chicken
                                          -Libretto's Pizzeria - prosciutto on vodka pizza
                                          -Dervish - doner kebab

                                        2. my office is a fan of pump. you just need to know how to order. lennys is always a staple for sandwiches. we definitely need some new ideas.

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