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I have an emergency...

Please help. I need a restaurant recomendation for northern Virginia for a birthday on Saturday. I'm looking for good food obviously (steaks are always a winner) but a good bar for drinks before hand is paramount. Live in the Leesburg area and want to avoid heading into DC. New to the area and there are just too many chains. Please help. I appreciate any input.

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  1. It is a little bit of a hike for you, but if you can drag yourself to Great Falls, consider the following:

    Drinks before and/or after at the Old Brogue

    Dinner at Mediterranee Restaurant

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      I appreciate the quick response. I'll look into Mediterranee. That seems close to what I'm looking for.

    2. Clydes past tysons corners (outside the beltway) -- good bar, good food

      1. Maybe Colvin Run Tavern? I've only been once, and it was fine - but seemed to have a very lively bar scene, and you sure can get a steak. might be what you're looking for.

        1. 2941 seems like a good option for you. They have a bar and it's good for special occasions. 2941.com

          1. My sister used to live in Middleburg, VA, not far from you. South on 15, 50 West. Middleburg is a low-key, pretty, historic town, a perfect little setting for a birthday dinner. The Coach Stop restaurant might be a good choice, plus a few more good options in town.


            There is a popular pub within walking distance, as well.

            Maxwell's Pub
            112 W Washington St. Middleburg, VA

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              If you want to pay more for the setting (fireplace...), beautiful Red Fox Inn is right on the same street. I have not been, but they are supposed to have good angus beef, veal, etc. The menu looks pretty basic.

              THE RED FOX INN
              2 East Washington Street, Middleburg, Virginia 20118
              Local: 540-687-6301 * Toll Free: 800-223-1728


            2. Sweetwater in Sterling. Only problem would be they don't take reservation, and the wait on the wkds gets scary. Otherwise the food is always good, and the bar has some excellant drinks,

              1. Not sure how big a birthday it is, but if you're willing to pay fine-dining prices, I'd second the 2941 recommendation.

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                  I'll third the 2941 suggestion. If it's a really special occasion, they have a table in the kitchen that looks like so much fun!

                2. If someone could come up with a bar in the Leesburg area, you could go to Patowmack Farm for dinner. It's just up 15 north from Leesburg (Lovettsville) so not much of a drive for you. It's excellent--they get their produce from their own farm. You eat in a glass conservatory overlooking the mountains. Beautiful. The price is reasonable for a tasting menu. They have a nice wine selection but don't know how much more there is to drink there.


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                    I just thought of this since you're looking for a good steak. I've always wanted to try Hunters Head Tavern at Ayrshire Farm in Upperville which is just west of Leesburg. They raise the cattle at Ayrshire and it's humanely certified and supposed to be excellent. It's a tavern, not a bar, though.


                  2. Capitol Grille in Tysons, although a chain, they have great dry aged steaks.

                    1. If you live in Leesburg and someone suggested Clyde's, what about the new Willow Creek Farms in Broadlands? Have not been there but it looks nice from the Greenway..

                      1. Have you / or can anyone else attest to: Lansdowne Resort.
                        I remember when I was there about 2 yrs ago - seeing a very neat lounge/bar area upstairs somewhere with a fireplace. Then you could have dinner downstairs in the proper restaurant. I have had brunch in the informal restaurant and lunch in the "formal" restaurant - as for food / i could say - they semi know what they are doing... you are not going to get "2941 Restauraunt" quality , but way above Clydes and the likes...
                        maybe someone can chime in and help out with the scenario...
                        Would also suggest you look into Lightfoot - in Leesburg. Pretty Good food. Personality atomosphere.

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                          I second Lightfoot.

                          You could do Clydes or Mc & Schmicks in Reston Town Center with drinks before hand elsewhere in the center. Not my usual endorsements, but it would fit the bill.

                        2. I've read this whole string, and been to every restaurant listed and I say go with your first recommendation. The Brogue and Mediteranee, a perfect combo. My second choice would be Hunter's Head, it's an awesome tavern and a unique find. I'd stay far away from the Coach Stop and the Red Fox in Middleburg.