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Feb 1, 2007 11:40 AM

Inconsistant tea quality. I'm bummed.

I recently started turning a lot of my morning coffees in for morning chai tea! I love the Tazo chai. It's my favorite of the chais that I've tasted. I like that it's peppery and compared to other teas it's got less anise and cardamom. Since I'm having this quality/consistancy problem I've tried Trader Joe's chai, Minister of Tea, and Numi. Of those, I like Numi, but I have to add pepper to it, so that seems stupid.

But there've been a couple of times now that I've bought the Tazo Chai it at different retailers and for some reason it tastes funny to me (a whole box of it). Then I have to throw away the box and hope that the next time I get it that it's regular quality.

Has this ever happened to you? What do you do?

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  1. i actually don't like the bagged chai teas, so i make my own with black tea, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, etc and cook it with milk. but it's not exactly convenient to do every morning! try loose chai teas, i like ordering from but i'm not sure how many chai blends they have.

    1. I think twiggles is heading you in the right direction. You may just have to get aquainted with a good tea merchant. It might be very rewarding. Here's a post with a list of a few from another thread.

      1. Well I agree that making your own chai is the way to go. There's supposedly a ritual to it. However I'm more a strong black tea drinker and prefer loose tea although use teabags when I'm in a hurry or traveling.

        However, I would like to say I've that same experience with Tazo Awake teabags from different retailers (different batches?) sometimes being good to sometimes mediocre to sometimes my even throwing away a whole box. When it first came on the market it was very good. I even wrote to them the first time I got a really bad box but no reply. That was quite a while ago, probably at least 5 years.

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          now that you mention the tazo awake, that reminded me- i've had this problem too! i don't drink teabags often, but if i'm travelling or need a fix i'll grab a tazo awake. sometimes i like it, sometimes i don't. this must be why!

          1. re: SusieQ40

            Of the "premium" tea brands, I've found Tazo to be my least favorite. I've found to be sometimes weak and sometimes horribly tannic, but never consistently satisfying.

          2. So, I guess I need to find a way to make my own concoction.

            Does anyone have a recipe for something I can mix up that doesn't need to be made as a singular batch? I'd like to be able to fill a canaster and take a little each day. All the recipes I've seen on the internet are the type that you mix and boil and serve immediately.