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Feb 1, 2007 11:36 AM

Unique and fun dining experiences in SF?

I am a major chowhound and spend most of my time in restaurants with notable food and wine, however, its sometimes fun to do something different. Last night, on a DAT recommendation from the boards, I tried Forbes Island for the first time... what a trip! This place is crazy... you take a boat there, eat in this underwater pirate like ship vessel, etc. The food was ok, but it was definitely unique and fun. I am a born and raised San Franciscan and had never heard of this place!

Are there other fun and unique places to dine where the focus is more on the fun experience? I would put Benihana and Teatro Zinzani in this category, though I have never been to the latter. I guess these are all kind of touristy, but as a local, I do think its sometimes fun to do something out of the ordinary like this!

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  1. This is not touristy - but I think it deserves a mention.

    Sharing a bowl of ravioli's and drinking a few pints with friends while watching Kitten on the Keys perform at the Rite Spot is a great San Francisco treat. I wouldn't go to the Rite Spot for their ravioli's otherwise. Kitten makes it a whole lotta fun.

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      Sounds interesting, thanks. I guess Yoshi's should be in this list too!

      1. re: funmarysf

        Yoshi's should be at the TOP of this list, in my opinion. You could also add the FIllmore and Great American Music Hall, in the same vein.

        1. re: Maya

          Yoshi's reportedly has decent food since the chef change.

          Has anyone ever had anything at the Fillmore or GMAC that wasn't awful?

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Hey, the question was a fun experience with okay food. The burgers at both aren't bad.

            1. re: Maya

              My experiences at both were sufficiently bad that I'd avoid eating at either again. Yoshi's is the only concert venue I can think of that actually puts effort into serving good food.

    2. i'm not an sf native, but have spent some time there and a year ago, we went to supper club. while i've heard some people have had bad experiences, we enjoyed ourselves with the various talent performing. some eastern european contortionist girls, etc.

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        Supperclub's chef quit because the owners didn't care enough about the food.

      2. AsiaSF is definitely dinner and a show, of sorts.

        1. I have been to Teatro Zinzanni and I would recommend it. The show is great and the food is good for the setting. They aren't breaking any ground, but it's simple and fresh.

          1. How about hot pot cooking? Fun to do with a group. Also, I would put the Melting Pot up there, experience is more about the fun than the food.

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            1. re: Cindy

              Oh, fondue... what a great idea!