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Feb 1, 2007 11:22 AM

Good Mexican food in Prescott

My parents are looking for some good Mexican in Prescott or Prescott Valley. I told them I would ask you chowhounds for ideas. They do prefer gringo type if possible, but any options right now would be good.


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  1. ive heard hugo's is pretty rad?

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    1. re: tinymango

      You are sooooo right about El Charro...
      Way over priced and small portions. Bad food!
      Try Franciscos in Prescott Valley. Frontage road on left as you head to PHX.
      Avoid the carne asada burrito. Everything else is wonderful!

    2. Hugos is the way to go in prescott however they do not serve beer, which is a bummer.

      Garcias is also one of my favorites, its a small restaurant inside a small grocery store,
      try the fried pork belly gordita!

      El Charro is a disgrace to the mexican food culture, I would never go back even if someone was to pay for my meal.

      I also hear Maya's is pretty solid but I've never been.

      Alfonso's is located off gurley near 69 and has taken residence in an old pizza hut building, not the best mexican in town but it is decent food, pretty cheap, and they have a nice salsa bar

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        Born and raised in AZ. fifth generation, so we like AZ. Mexican. There is a difference in AZ., CA, NM, Mexican....We've pretty much tried em all. Here are a few on our Yum scale. Three Yums being the best.

        Casa Bonita - Yum Yum Yum $$ Great all around... We think anyway.
        Hugos - Yum Yum $$
        Olivias in PV - Yum Yum $$
        Maya's (more authintic) - Yum Yum $$
        El Charro - Used to be Yum Yum, now it's Yuck Yuck $$$
        Casa Sanchez - $$ Yum
        Casa Alvarez - $$ Yum

        Well you really gotta try em all and pick your favorite. We have friends that wont eat anyplace other than El Charro.
        Alfonso's - Mr. Mango is right... $ Yum Yum
        El Gato Azul - Ok $$ not what I'd reccomend for Mexican
        Annalinas - Yum Yum $$

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          I love Mexican food, and El Charro's is wonderful. The stuffed Avocados for appetizers are great, the rellenos are fine, and so are the enchiladas, the carnitas, the tamales, and even the tacos. So I don't know why anyone would think otherwise. Plus, quite reasonable.

        2. Has anyone tried Annalinas? It's right on Whiskey Row, and the menu features a lot of Sonoran classics. It's on my Prescott list, but I haven't made it there yet.

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          1. re: silverbear

            Since this thread has been bumped, let me answer my own question. I've been to Annalina's twice in the past year and have been very impressed both times. The menu mixes border classics with interior Mexican dishes like sopes. Everything is well prepared and the staff are exceedingly friendly.

            Annalinas Authentic Mexican
            126 S Montezuma St, Prescott, AZ 86303

          2. I totally agree about Hugos. But don't forget about El Gato Azul. Upscale if you're looking for that.

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            1. re: mamassage

              As I recall from my last visit to El Gato Azul, it was positioning itself more as a Spanish restaurant (i.e., tapas, etc.) rather than just Mexican.


              1. re: GrannyJ

                It's a blend of Spanish and Southwestern food, mostly tapas, but I would not classify it as a Mexican restaurant at all. No matter how it's classified, though, it's one of my favorite restaurants in Prescott.

                El Gato Azul
                316 W Goodwin St, Prescott, AZ

              2. re: mamassage

                Quite a while after I wrote this I visited Casa Alvarez. I definitely recommend this restaurant. All the ingredients were obviously fresh. Also, while there were plenty of the old stand-bys, I also found some unique items. I ended up having a wonderful spinach enchilada. The effect was delicious and refreshing.

              3. I just had an opportunity to try Annalina's over Thanksgiving weekend. I was quite pleased. It's a little shoebox located right in the heart of Whiskey Row. It was more authentic than I expected given the location. The usual suspects -- enchiladas, tamales, chile relleno, etc. -- are all on the menu and well prepared, but there were also some more interesting dishes such as sopes available. The food was flavorful although not especially spicy. My wife had chicken sopes with a side of rice (left photo below). I had a tamale-and-enchilada combination (center photo below). For dessert, we each had a cup of Mexican hot chocolate (right photo below). Other beverages include sodas, horchata, and bottled beer.

                I haven't tried much Mexican food in Prescott, but Annalina's compares favorably to my favorite places in the Phoenix area.

                Annalinas Authentic Mexican
                126 S Montezuma St, Prescott, AZ 86303