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Feb 1, 2007 11:10 AM

good food and reasonable price in palo alto?


my folks are coming to town and inviting some of their old friends to dinner and have no ideas about restaurants in the area. (I'm from SF, so can't help out too much). They aren't particularly food snobs, but really appreciate good food.

any suggestions would be lovely!


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  1. There are so many good restaurants in Palo Alto! How about Junnoon (upscale Indian)? <> It is very hot right now! …or are you looking for something more economical?

    1. Zibbibo (sister restaurant of Lulu) has great mediterranean dishes and the decor is a nice ambiance.

      St. Michael's Alley is a small local favorite restaurant.

      Cafe Pro Bono on California Ave. has been around for awhile and they've gone through several menu changes but I was there recently and it was still very good italian food.

      Evvia is a fantastic Greek restaurant:

      Is there a certain type of food that you're looking for?

      1. Very easy. If they are adventurous, go for Kaygetsu (Japanese), Tamarine (Vietnamese) or Junnoon (Indian). If not, Evvia (Greek) or Lavanda (Italian). All are upscale and expensive (of course--what do you expect in Palo Alto and Menlo Park?).


        1. Junoon's quality is really unpredictable, and I find that even when it's not that bad, it's still not worth the price. Do a search around here for others' reviews. For consistently good Indian in a nice ambiance, the standby is Amber India, it's in Mountain View on El Camino next to San Antonio, not a very long drive from Palo Alto.

          The other recommendations are great!

          1. Junoon is definitely not the place to go for good nor reasonably priced Indian food. If you want to stay in the Palo Alto area, I strongly recommend Osteria for delicious Italian food that's a great value in terms of costs. Another of the best meals around is at Three Seasons which is a slightly cheaper alternative to Tamarine and has some standout dishes like their duck and all of their spring rolls. Cafe Brioche is great for bistro French food on California Ave, and definitely Classico Gelato for gelato in Mountain View or University Ave.

            There's also tons of restaurants on Castro Street in Mountain View that are for the most part cheaper than University Ave, and where you'll find restaurants of all cuisine variety.