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Feb 1, 2007 10:59 AM

DB Wine Bar - report from last night

My SO and I finally tried DB Wine Bar last night. In general, it was good but not outstanding. I must say though that it was great to be in an adult, modern restaurant in the neighborhood. There are so many places that seem really awkward to me in FH (that panini restaurant on Austin Street comes to mind) or the food is ridiculously overpriced and really nothing special (like how I feel about Cabana). And there are just ones I shake my head at that I can't believe they are in business - like the crepe place in that 2 story mini-mall. Just one look at their combinations makes me shudder.

We had a bottle of the Gran Feudo Crianza as per our server's recommendation and it was delicious. For starters we had the ham croquettes and the risotto cake. The croquettes were okay and the flavors of the risotto cake just didn't work well together. For the main dish we shared the pork tenderloin. The pork was cooked perfectly (we asked for it medium) and I liked the cabbage, bacon and apple it was served with though my SO wasn't all that impressed. We also had the potato gratin which was fine but I think we were expecting a creamier dish and it was basically a layered potato cake that was a little dry.

Dessert was incredible though and we nearly didn't order it but at the last minute my SO decided to get the flourless chocolate cake. It was amazing. Gorgeous texture and the taste was chocolately without being cloying or overly sweet. I'd say it was barely sweet. There was a cold cream that the server poured on the plate when they brought the dessert to the table and that provided more richness without overdoing it.

We decided that while we weren't overwhelmed by the food (though the service was spot on), we'd come back and try a few other dishes just to get a broader sense of the place - we didn't get any of the cheeses or meats and those sound great and we're especially curious about the spaghetti carbonara and the hanger steak.

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  1. The steak is really good and so is the chicken. Danny Brown does an excellent job with meats--the pork, which you mentioned, is always perfectly cooked (even if you don't ask for medium that seems to be their standard temp) and the chicken is as juicy as I've ever had it. When they get the skin crisp (hit or miss) the chicken is positively dreamy.


    1. The place is great. I love that I can some somewhere and exepct to be served WELL. What I mean is that the level of expetation is always met. The food is getting worked out. That is to say that having been here 7x since the opening, it has improved with each visit, each time getting or seeming to get more attention and focus. What more could you ask for? Constant attention to being better, for each customer every time they visit. The wines, let us not forget that this is in fact playing its hand as a bonafide Wine Bar, are in my opinion ok...could use some diversity in branding. It would be great given the ownership, to expand into some other areas of distribution. Perhaps in time. Until then, we will continue to come back, spend large sums of money, and support the project. It is welcome in FH!!

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        I'm happy to hear that your experiences there have gotten better as you've had more visits. I definitely don't mean to suggest my SO and I are writing it off completely - nearly all the entrees were appealing and I'd be happy to try it again. Compared to what's in the neighborhood now, it's definitely a nice addition - even as just a place to have wine and cheese. There's no real "adult" bar in the neighborhood like DB.

      2. The crepe place on Auston is Crepe N Tearia. I haven't been there yet, but my brother has and he says that they're actually pretty good. Plus, it has bubble tea which some people are addicted to.

        1. DB is a major contender for Queens. Is Merto Ave going to be rest row of Queens? So many new places poping up and staying put.

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            Its a major contender that could stand up to the likes of 5th Ave. in the Slope, much less Metro Ave. in FH. Very welcome addition indeed. And we travel to come here!