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Feb 1, 2007 10:58 AM

Lunch in Valley Village

Going to be in Valley Village/Studio City this afternoon before heading over to Century City for work. Im looking for a good lunch place, not too expensive. I'll try anything, considering going to Iroha (one of my favorites) for sushi, or a burger place.

Any reccomendations for lunch in this area would be appreciated.

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  1. Does Carnival interest you?? Tel: 818-784-3469 4356 Woodman Ave, Sherman Oaks. Not exactly Valley Village but worth the drive over. :)KQ

    1. I have been to Carnival once before, great find.

      1. AMIR'S FALAFEL, 11711 Ventura Boulevard
        Studio City, CA 91604-2616, a few doors down from Red Hot Videos!!!

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          i only tried amir's once, but it suffered from a total lack of distinguishable flavor. it was very odd--i knew that i was eat shwarma and falafel, but totally nondescript in taste.

          try china lites at laurel and chandler, or even chiangsan on colfax at magnolia for lunch choices.

        2. if you're in the mood for a good sandwich and pastry, then i'd suggest Aroma cafe on Tujunga in the quaint tujunga village area. it's a little north, but very tasty and charming.

          personally i'm a fan of the Turkey & Hummus Melt (gosh, i'm espousing melt sandwiches right and left today), but have heard the rumor that everything's good. Baked goods always look large and delicious.

          Their phone number is 818-508-6505

          1. Probably too late, but Sushi Don on Laurel Cyn and Riverside is basically Sasabune at 1/5 of the price. Same owner, same fish, etc.