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Does anyone do a burger with pastured/grass fed beef?

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You know with out the corn "finish" and all the hormones and antibiotics etc.

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  1. Cookshop has "grass-fed burger" on their lunch (maybe dinner?) menu. Don't know about the finishing.

    1. Cows eat grass, not grain. Grain fed beef is not where it's at. I suggest also Five Points (sister restaurant of Cookshop) as another spot for grass fed beef.

        1. Bubby's in TriBeCa, Sidecar in Park Slope...more and more places nowadays, thank God.

          1. Back Forty does a pretty respectable one, but I would advise ordering it rare, definitely no more than medium rare. Unfortunately, the fries that come with it are a letdown. Go for a side of onion rings instead.

            Back Forty
            190 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

            1. Some Argentinian restaurants would if they import their meat as their cattle are always grass fed (delicious too!)

              1. The La Cense Beef burger truck that plies the streets of Midtown and downtown prides themselves on their all-natural, grass-fed, Montana cattle range. "Guilt-free steakburgers," they call them. I've had a few and recommend them pretty highly. (You can find where they are parked on any given day via Twitter; ID: @LCBBurgerTruck)