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Feb 1, 2007 10:20 AM

Side dish with scallops?

I'm thinking of trying scallops the Bittman way, broiled in a cast-iron skillet with nothing more than olive oil, lemon and salt, but that' s not a meal and I'm drawing a blank on what to have with the scallops. What might be good, quick and easy?

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  1. Asparagus and Parmesan Risotto or Porcini Risotto

    1. The above recomendations sound great.

      We also like fresh spinach. If you microwave the spinach on individual plates, you can decorate the plate nicely and the spinach can create a bed to place the scallops on. The greens will absorb the flavor.

      We have also used fresh beets and their greens. We roast the beets. We wilt the greens first in boiling water than place them in a hot pan with garlic and Olive oil and quickly saute them.

      1. More scallops!

        Seriously, mom used to pair fried scallops (her only way of cooking them) with a dish of creamed potatoes and peas - boiled potatoes and fresh peas in a rich white sauce. Thinking along those lines, I've been contemplating doing my favorite fettucine with a sauce of chopped onion and (maybe) baby peas in reduced cream, and tossing the freshly-seared scallops with that. I'd want a simple salad to go with it.

        1. parsnip puree is wonderful with scallops. serve some roasted asparagus or haricots verts for color.

          soft polenta w/ bacon and a watercress/orange salad.

          1. I love garlicy spinach! Saute, center spinach and top w/scallops. Side w/garlicy smashed potatoes. YUM. Don't forget a little dry sherry or white wine in the saute..:)KQ

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              lady, you took the side dish suggestions right out of my mouth. mashed potatoes & garlicy, lemony greens are my favorite foil (texturally and flavorally) for cast iron scallops. making the potatoes using 1/2 sunchokes works beautifully, too.