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Feb 1, 2007 10:20 AM

Seeking Pinkberry-like Frozen Yogurt in West Hills/Woodland Hills Area

I had Pinkberry last night for the first time and am craving a similar experience (copycats will work just fine) on my lunch break... please help!

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  1. Not woodland hills, but in Sherman Oaks, there's Humphrey's which has a good tart flavor, and they blend, which I like more.

    1. i think there's a Pinkberry clone in the new/renovated Westfield Shoppingtown on Topanga (it's still really hard for me to call it that...i'm still stuck with "Topanga Plaza" in my head from my youth). I haven't tried it, but it looks promising.

      Also, I've read some comments by detractors of Pinkberry that their (Pinkberry's) type of yogurt comes from a powder and does not contain the "good for you" active cultures in most real yogurts. In my recollection, this place in the mall boasts that their yogurt does have active cultures, so i'd be interested for any afficionados to weigh in here.

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        OK, i tried it over the weekend and was pleasantly suprised. The place is called barenaked yogurt and has two types of frozen yogurt: non-fat and regular. The non-fat was a little icy tasting and the regular flavor definately had a creamier tartness. The toppings seem similar to Pinkberry's, but more healthy (emphasis on fruits and nuts, with chocolate and yogurt chips to mix cereals). End product isn't as pretty, but definitely pretty tasty. price seems comparable to or slightly lower than pinkberry's

        1. re: esculent

          Where is this? I've only been to this mall once and walked around the food court area and only saw a gelato place (that looked good) called "melt", but no fro-yo.

          1. re: FOODCORE

            it's right by/behind the gelato place. i don't know how best to describe it...that place is massive...

            1. re: FOODCORE

              It is on the other side of the Gelato place. It is outside on the left. There is a window that is on the outside of the buiding (in front of the news stand).

          2. re: esculent

            They are supposed to be putting in a Pinkberry in the new Westfield mall but that wont happen for a few months. But I hear Barenaked Yogurt is quite similar.

          3. Also, closert to Sherman Oaks, limelight in the same center as Starbucks at Noble and Ventura.

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. esculent is right, it's right behind the gelato place, (if we're talking about the same one) it's in Chop Shop, it looks like they're the same ppl or they just shared that corner.