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Feb 1, 2007 10:20 AM

Good eats after the Conn Eagle Festival in Essex CT?

Looking for recommendations for good eats the weekend of the Eagle Festival in February on the shores of the lower Ct River Valley. Festival is HQ'd in Essex Ct, but there is a map of viewing spots from the mouth of the Ct river in Old Saybrook up through around Middletown Ct.
Nothing too fancy as we will be bundled up after walking outside most of the day & will care about good eating and not so much about fancy ambiance.....I will say , this group is open to most anything , but when they are hungry - they are s/b about 6-8 adults.
we will obviously have access to our own transportation and can usually find our way around.

My lines are open

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  1. Here are a few choices in the "hearty" rather than "elegant" eateries:
    Old Saybrook: AlForno Restaurant (Italian)
    Essex: The Griswold Inn (Either the big dining room or the wine bar)
    The Black Seal (mostly seafood)
    Chester: The River Tavern
    Higganum: The Cookhouse BBQ (? haven't been there for a while)
    There also used to be a German restaurant near there ?? Don't know if it still is
    Middletown: Many--Do a search on Middletown...there have been several threads posted

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I agree with the above, and definitely do a search on Middletown. On Main Street near Wesleyan and the Arigoni Bridge there are many good restaurants.

        1. The Black Seal in Essex has always been a favorite of ours - burgers to gourmet in a nautical atmosphere and just great service...The Ivory in Deep River (relaxed and great specials) Fiddler's in Chester....Middletown also has a bunch of great restaurants - Tuscany Grill is always a good bet but there are lots of others...If you want to wander a bit southwest Cafe Routier in Westbrook is a wonderful spot....Service and selection...

          1. The festival sounds great, do you know how kid-friendly it is? We've got a preschooler and two school aged. My first grader is addicted to eagles.