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Feb 1, 2007 10:15 AM

Good Burger in Hollywood

I'm looking for a good hamburger lunch option for take out near Paramount (Melrose between Western and Vine). Any ideas? The boss isn't happy with astroburger, so I'm looking for an alternative. Thanks!

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  1. Bowery Bar has a good buger on Sunset near Vine so not so close and I don't know about lunch or take out but there is parking in the rear and the burger is vg.

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    1. 26 degrees in the roosevelt hotel has great burgers, not sure about their take out policy though.

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      1. re: wilafur

        think it's 25 degrees, and yes, great double-fisted burgers here (about the equivalent of two and half apple pan burger's worth of beef).

          1. re: mc michael

            apple pan is a fine purveyor of lunch counter burgers. and pies.

      2. How does this sound:

        "Hamburguesa Carlitos - $14.90 - The Hungry Man’s Challenge!!!

        A half-pound ground chuck burger, open faced, with a garlic drenched grilled tomato, melted provolone cheese, parsley and sautéed mushrooms on an enormous bun, spread with mayonnaise."

        Carlito's Gardel
        7963 Melrose Ave. (near Fairfax)
        (323) 655-0891

        Call and earnestly beg them to let you take it to-go!

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        1. re: JBC

          Well I called C.G. and they'd be happy to box something up for take-out (no begging required). Since it's 24 blocks west of Paramount, if it were me, I'd ask that it be wrapped in tin-foil...

        2. 25 Degrees in the Roosevelt Hotel, the pugburger at Hungry Cat, burger at the Village Idiot on Melrose and Lucky Devils on Hollywood.

          1. Believe it or not the burgers at Pinks are quite good even though most go for the hotdogs!

            I'm trying that Pug Burger next week at The Hungry Cat, cant wait :>)