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Feb 1, 2007 10:09 AM

Nibblers in Pleasant Hill

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  1. I was there several months ago. I don't remember what we had. But I do remember that the food was good, but maybe a little pricy. But then small plates always are. The service was good, and they explained their system; since we hadn't been there before. I would go back, except we live on the other side of the tunnel. And have way too many places to check out over here.
    My son gave his wife a birthday party there and just had the chef go for it. They love the place.

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      Agree, a nice little surprise in an unlikely location. Nice people too. Beats most of the overpriced downtown restaurants and PARKING NOT a problem either.

    2. We were there in Nov, and the place is still great. Very inventive but low key too. No major attitude. Daniel the chef was featuring foods f Uzbekistan, seemed like mostly meat and potatoes but who has done the 'Stans? We were in a more Medit mood so passed but I highly recommend Nibblers in Pl Hill CA

      1. He changes his menu every month to highlight a new region, so it's a completely different experience almost every time you go. The dishes are creative and unusual.
        It's all small plates so don't go expecting to get a big entree. Have fun!
        My wife belongs to a small professional group that has lunch there once a month. It's great for that because it's always new and surprising.