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Feb 1, 2007 09:59 AM

CAFE 2121 in San Diego

Has anyone tried Café 2121 on Adams Avenue yet? It is just East of the intersection of Adams and PArk Blvd.

My wife and I went in for my birthday the other day. The place is brand new. It is much more than a coffee house.

The owners are from Azerbaijan and they bring a unique spin to their dishes.

We split a blueberry muffin and their Morning Star Twice Baked Omelet with spinach. You also get a choice of mashed potatoes or spaghetti squash. We had the squash.

This is a picture from their web site of the omelet with sausage.

The omelet is cut into four sections and displayed as tower with the squash nested in the middle. The plate is also decorated with balsamic syrup. It was great. I told my friend about it and she has been back four times in 2 weeks.

We were overwhelmed with the flavors and presentation the omelets.

I hope they do well and we are looking forward to trying their other stuff. They also have pastries, soups, salads and pizzas.

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  1. I tried breakfast there yesterday, the chicken crepes with strawberry salad. The crepes were deliciously prepared, with the chicken light yet filling. The salad is a perfect complement -- sweet and tart, soft and slightly crunchy from the pistachios. The pastries looked very interesting but I couldn't eat another bite; however I'll definitely be back soon.

    1. I have been to 2121 about 5 times, bringing different friends each time and each time has been excellent. Alex and his wife own it and work very hard. She cooks and bakes and the food is truly outstanding. It isn't a hugh menu, but everything I have tried so far has been delicious. I strongly recommend it for breakfast and/or lunch. They are closed for dinner. But it is so nice to find a great breakfast place that is unique and very tasty.

      Let's support them so they will stay around for a long time. Their tea is great and the coffee, Ryan Bros. is delicious. hurrah for them

      1. I saw Cafe 2121 described on Greg's Guide and it sounded intriguing. I hurried to Chowhound and found these posts, which made me pretty sure it was worth trying. We finally had lunch there today and I must agree with the recommendations. We tried two soups -- Jim had the borsh (as they spell it) and I had lamb soup. Both were terrific. We also shared a strawberry salad, outstanding! Then Jim had the blackboard special, a Monte Carlo sandwich, which was served with a big bunch of red seedless grapes. Quite good. They have three individual pizzas, a seafood pizza, one I don't remember, and a delicious veggie pizza, which I had.

        All of these items were very low priced. I had to take home some of the pizza. On the way out we looked at the bakery case, and were sorry we had stuffed ourselves at lunch. All the pastries are made by the chef, who is the wife of Alex.

        I, too, hope they succeed -- they need an upgraded looking menu, one which looks as good as the one they have online.