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Feb 1, 2007 09:44 AM

Where to get sambal?

I've never looked for sambal before, my understanding is it's an Indonesian chile paste. My first thought is to go to 99 Ranch. Before I make the trek, was wondering if anyone knows for sure whether or not they have it. Does Whole Foods carry it? Bristol Farms? Anywhere in Pasadena/South Pasadena? Does Surfas have it??

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  1. I think I actually found it at either Smart and Final or at the Ralph's, but it was a while ago.
    Can't recall, but it was definitively a mainstream store.

    1. Haven't looked for it at Whole Foods or BFarms - it's something I usually pick up when I'm in one of the Asian stores and think of it. Closest to me (I'm in Pasadena) is the 99 Ranch in Arcadia at Golden West and Duarte Road. East from there is Arcadia Supermarket, perhaps a bit more pan-Asian, in a mall on Duarte just half a block east of Baldwin, around the corner from Din Tai Fung.

      I've also seen it in "mainstream" markets in areas where there's a significant Asian population. By the time we left Nashville you could get it at Kroger!

      1. i am in denver and haven't had any difficulty finding it in major super markets..... safeway and city market/king super (similar to ralph's)

        1. They stopped carrying it at the Vons Pavillions near my house in Burbank, but the Ralph's in Burbank still has it. Try Ralphs.

          1. Check your local supermarket's Asian Foods aisle, there's a good chance they'll carry it. I think I've even seen massive jars of it in Costco.