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Feb 1, 2007 09:39 AM

how about a vegetarian board?

Maybe this has been asked before, and if so please forgive me, but why no vegetarian board under general topics? It seems like there would be a lot of people who would use it, since there are a fair number of posts asking for vegetarian restaurant choices and substitutions for home cooking.

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  1. Vegetarian restaurants are discussed on the main regional boards, since vegetarians in LA aren't interested in restaurant recommendations in New York and vice versa. We haven't split any particular topics out of Home Cooking, leaving it as a single discussion - if we ever did split up Home Cooking topics, vegetarian would certainly be a candidate.

    1. I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian and would not want vegetarian split offs. I find I get good ideas from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian threads in home cooking. You would also have to make decisions about what goes in standard home cooking versus vegetarian home cooking. Where would you put desserts, vegetable side dishes, most salad dressings, many salads? I think it becomes too complicated with little pay-off.