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Feb 1, 2007 09:27 AM

Help - Recommendation for Toronto - Downtown Below Bloor

Hi I am looking for a nice restaurant in downtown Toronto near the subway line - but below Bloor. I read some other posts but there are not many recommendations below Bloor or they are in the wrong price range. I need something with a main entree menu between $15 - $30, with more than one/two choices in the $15-$23 range. I would prefer something not too casual with a good wine selection. We are there to eat and enjoy good conversation, so the atmosphere should not be so noisy that we cannot hear each other speak.

I am new to this board and to Toronto. I really need some assistance as I do not know the restaurants at all.

Thank you!

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  1. There are tons of nice places south of Bloor. Honest. Specific to your request, try Superior near the Dundas stop. Walk through the Eaton Centre to the doors just south of Sears, cross the street, there you are. After all it's 10 below out. BTW they have an award-winning wine list.

    As well, if you go a little further afield just about any place on Elm Street would fit.

    1. Thank you so much for the reply Googs. I posted a similar post yesterday and wondered if there were few restaurants south of Bloor due to the lack of response - it seems to be an active board. I heard good things about the ChowHound boards for other cities.

      Thank you again!

      1. I've been to Bar Volo on Yonge, one block north of Wellesley a few times now based on recs from this board and really enjoyed it. Cozy atmosphere, rustic Italian fare, reasonably priced and very extensive beer menu. They do have wine too of course.

        Very popular right now is Trevor on Wellington, just east of Yonge. Might be stretching your budget a little, but the menu is quite reasonably priced.

        1. Mirra,
          the challenge to your request is the combination of the price range and the criteria. I was actually thinking about your request for a quite a bit yesterday while at the gym, and I couldn't come up with anything that fit ALL your criteria. Here are few places to consider:

          Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar -- good food, in your price range, good choice of wine, near cheap parking, about a 10 minute walk from the subway though and a bit noisy for an extended dinner, moderate setting.

          Queen Mother - a wide range of food, lots (of the better options) in the lower range for your one friend, near cheap parking, near a subway stop, not a great wine selection, casual setting, depending on the table you get, can be too close per your criteria

          Terroni - great food, lots in your price range, good wine choices, near cheap parking & subway, again, tables close together and casual setting

          Biagio - good italian, upscale setting in your price range, quiet and comfy enough to sit for a long time, good wine choices, parking is a bit far and it's about 15 minutes from a subway stop

          Pangea - upscale, tables well spaced, too pricey, close to good parking & subway

          Izykaya - fun for a group, lots of space, prices well below your budget,design-oriented setting, not great wine choices, close to cheap parking and subway

          I think if you're okay being a little lighter on the criteria of having the tables close you'll open up a lot more choices. You'll be able to hear each other and converse at all the places above, but you might be quite close to your neighbors. Also, you mentioned in your previous post that you wanted upscale, not casual . . . which is tough to do in your price range. Maybe letting the group know that it'll be nice-casual, not upscale will set expectations right.

          p.s. okay, I thought of two more: Jump (a bit noisier but good wine, in your price range, near subway, expensive parking) and Biff's (near cheap parking, in your price range) both have good wine selections and a more upscale setting -- Biff's will be quieter than Jump.

          1. Beerbistro almost fits the bill... except that they have a great beer selection rather than wine.


            On King, near the Yonge line.

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              I was just about to say the same thing.