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Feb 1, 2007 09:24 AM

The Acton Jazz Cafe, been there lately?

The Globe West section had a nice little write-up on The Acton Jazz Cafe in today's paper.
It's one of those places that's a little in left field for us but have always meant to check out.
The music is supposed to be of a high standard and, according to the piece, the food as well.
I don't ever recall seeing a CH review. Is there anyone out there who can weigh-in, please?

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  1. It's been years since I was last there and at that time the food was absolutely horrible. At our table I think each diner had a couple of mouthfuls before pushing the plate away. Music was good, there were a couple of musicians in the audience who had brought instruments so it became a big jam session. I've never been back.

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      1. Thanks for the replies. I was looking at the website of the newly spiffed-up Chickenbone Saloon in Framigham. I discovered that they're going to be offering jazz brunches on 2/10 & 2/24 from 10:30 til 1:30. It's a family-friendly place but the perception still persists that it''s a biker-bar. Try the Thermonuclear Wings if you dare.

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          I went to The 'Bone last night and upon reflection I'd still say bring the kids but not on a Saturday night. Wheeled into the lot at 6pm and it was @ 80% empty. When we left it was completely full and the joint was jumping. A great roadhouse crowd at that point but the music was ratcheting up and hormones were heating. They still have some of the best wings to be found along with excellent ribs. Hint: order the ribs with the sauce on the side if, like me, you prefer them dry or want just a bit of sauce.

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            I love their boneless wings. I have tried 4-5 of the flavors and they are all great.

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              Fat city? I wasn't feeling too well.
              Their calamari is suprisingly good.

          2. Food at the Acton Jazz Cafe isn't the main event. It's not horrible, but I think most people go there for the music and eat there so they can have a table. If you stick to burgers/bar type stuff, it's fine. Last time I was there (several months ago) a DC ordered salmon, which looked pretty overcooked. But they do feature some excellent music, so do try it!

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