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Feb 1, 2007 09:23 AM

Good Upper West Side pizza for delivery?

I'm looking for the best Upper West Side pizza place that would deliver to 105th and Central Park West. Any ideas? What do people think of Coronet or Pizzabolla?

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  1. If picking up is an option - Sal and Carmine's for sure.

    For delivery, although it gets mixed reviews here, V&T is pretty good.

    I have not had Coronet or Pizzabolla

    1. i prefer broadway pizza (on broadway near W103) over sal and carmines and V&T, although all are good. coronet is a columbia classic and the slices are huge but... oh, i don't know. i guess i don't like the sauce. maybe, b/c i'm italian, i have unreasonable expectations. i've never tried he pizza at pizzabolla but i've heard it's great. i no longer go there b/c i find the service to be really bad (i.e. rude). my opinions are solely based on the pizza . i've never used the delivery service at any of these places. please let us know what you decide and how it worked out.

      1. Re the rudeness at Pizzabolla. The one massively"rude " waiter is incredibly efficient; he simply has no personality, at least any expressed at work. I have gotten to know his style and find it refreshing; none of this " I'll be your server tonight" business.

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          Are you referring to the short guy with brown hair? I've seen him be really nice (especially with kids which is great) and he seems efficient but he has basically ignored us (no water, no menu, etc) on more than one occasion. He wouldn't even look at us when ordering. I agree that I like his syle as well (I hate waiters who fall at my feet) but I was stunned b/c it wasn't busy . I'm glad you replied b/c perhaps that's it - no personality except with kids.
          It takes a lot to turn me off to a good place but this was so bad that I've never been back especially b/c i was embarrassed after bragging about this place to my friend and walking 2 miles to get there. Perhaps I'll give him another chance.

          1. re: nativeNYer

            Sounds like him. Thin, fluent English and Spanish. He's never ignored me, but I think we both agree he might not be to everyone's taste. Nonetheless I love the place, especially the owner and the two pasta dishes I eat regularly , one with sauasage and peas, any cut of pasta you prefer.
            Althoiugh they used to have a grilled vegetable appetizer which was very good value at around 7-8 dollars (although quite underseasoned- a comment I made to the chef) Now it's 12 bucks and overpriced. Have only ordered it once since price hike.