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Feb 1, 2007 09:20 AM

LA 'hound looking for fabulous San Antonio Reccos... please help?


I'm going to be attending a conference in a couple of weeks at the Wyndham in San Antonio. Don't know if I will or will not have a rental car, but have no issues with cab rides either. Can anyone please recommend the best restaurants in San Antonio? Local food, high end dining, BBQ, nothing is off limits. Any great high end dining places in SA? Or other reccos? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Le Reve for high end if you can get a reservation. It's a short walk from your hotel or an even shorter cab ride.
    Liberty Bar is a great place good food, a fun building and bubbling crowd in the evening on the weekends. It's just north of downtown so a short cab ride.
    The best BBQ anywhere near downtown is Harmon's across from Alamo plaza next to the fudrucker's.

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      Harmon's may be the best 'cue downtown, but you should know that it has no real competition. I second wendileigh's other recs.

      I also suggest that you scroll down to check out other recent threads on where to eat in or near downtown San Antonio. Here are a few links:

      These threads round up all the usual suspects. May I suggest that you post back with more details about what kind of food appeals to you, your price ranges, or what you've always wanted to try in San Antonio? That way, we can give you more specific recommendations.


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        Hi... Thank you very much for the recommendations thus far. As far as budget is concerned, there really isn't one. I guess I'd like to keep it under $250 per person, but will go higher if it is worth it. Cuisine is wide open. There are very few, if any, ingredients that I don't eat and no cuisine type at all that I dislike. I'm really looking for the "best tastes". On the high end stuff, I am very, very, very comfortable with multi (6, 8, 10, 12, 16+) course tasting menus at the finest of restaurants so, if there is a great place like that in San Antonio, I'm all in.

        La Reve sounds very interesting... is it worth a try?

        Some other places that have been suggested to me are Goro's Sushi, Godai Sushi - by the way... how did San Antonio get such great sushi? Just not a big option I would have expected in the middle of Texas... Are these Omakase style traditional places?

        Also other places are: Sandbar Fish House, Lodge Restaurant (is this far?), Biga, Korean BBQ House (again - in San Antonio? I'm Korean, so this might be a fun curiousity)...

        Any thoughts on these or others? I have three dinners in town (Sun, Mon, Tues) before leaving so please advise. I think the person who gave me the above just got them from Zagat.

        Thanks again!

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          Don't bother with the sushi places Zagat's rated highly. I was very underwhelmed (they don't even have real crab!).

      2. re: wendileigh

        Just to be safe, I've just booked a table at Le Reve.

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          Definitely take it. We just did the tasting menu with the premium wine selections ($200pp ++) two weeks ago and it's an excellent, leisurly evening. Definitley suggest Sandbar as well.

      3. Congrats on the reservation at Le Reve. I don't think you will be disappointed. Some people, myself included, think it is the best restaurant we have eaten at in Texas. Check out their website at and see what you are looking at. Also try Sandbar, right around the corner from Le Reve, for pristinely fresh raw and cooked seafood. It is owned by Andrew Weissman, the owner/chef at Le Reve. Just my opinion, certainly disagreed with by some on this board, but I think Biga on the Banks is very overrated. IMO, fair food, inconsistent service, high (for SA) prices.

        1. The Lodge at Castle Hills is a 15 min Cab ride from downtown, but the food is really good, their duck confit was awesome. The restaurant is in an old home an is a neat lodge style place. One of my favorite places in town. I'm not sure SA is the best sushi place. The sushi isn't bad but it's not great either. If you want fish stick with Sandbar. I also like Sip on St. Mary's for breakfast and coffee/tea or a light lunch soup and salad.
          I think Weissman has his hand in this too.

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            Tell us more about Sip. Haven't heard about it and didn't know Weissman was doing a third place.

            1. re: River Rat

              Weissman has a fourth place, too. Big'z burgar joint right outside 1604.

          2. Sip has been around for a while since before sandbar. It's a bistro lunch/breakfast place downtown. I have had soup and tea there before and it was wonderful. Not a lot of space inside but in good weather they put tables outside. They make sandwiches and have great pastries and desserts. It's the best place for coffee or tea downtown and is also good for baked goods.

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            1. Can anyone let me know how far away the Korean BBQ place is from the Wyndham and is it dificult to get to? Also, more importantly, has anyone tried it? Is it good? It might be a good oppy for me to take a couple of colleagues who have not had much experience with K-food.