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Feb 1, 2007 08:34 AM

Cioppino Recipe?

We have decided to stay in for Valentine's day to avoid the overpriced mediocre food that usually comes with that day. Instead, I'm going to make a Cioppino for dinner. The problem is, I've never made one and only had it once at a seafood restaurant in Maui. My girlfriend loved it and I'd like to attempt to duplicate it. The sauce was slightly thicker than a soup, but maybe thinner than a stew. It had a little spicy kick to it also.

Anybody have a good recipe to share? Possibly point me to one online that you have tried?

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  1. Try one of these Remember it's not really Italian as such. It was actually a california fisherman stew. It's Italian because most of the fisherman were in fact Italian, but is a mix of all kinds of stuff.

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      Thanks, but the link doesn't work. I've heard that this dish originated in California. I'll be in San Fran on business in a few weeks, maybe I can see how my version compares to the original.