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[SEA] homesick for LA ramen!!!!

My family moved from Los Angeles a few months back, and I have a desperate craving for some good ramen soup. Deep flavorful broth, toothsome noodles, fresh veggies, roast pork. Actually, my favorite ramen in LA was a mabo style ramen, with ground pork, tofu, and scallions in a spicy broth.

Is there ramen in Seattle to satisfy my craving? LA board has wars on which ramen place is #1, because there are so many outstanding choices.

I've located Fulin on the PNW board, but no details to speak of. Can anyone add to the list and give some info regarding the place's execution of ramen? Thanks!!!

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  1. I'm no ramen expert but I gather from reading posts here and on other boards that ramen is in short supply in Seattle. Samurai Noodle is the only place that I have been for ramen.

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      Can you tell me more about Samurai?

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        I've only been there once and it was very good. I had the pork broth filled with pork products. Very fatty and rich. The noodles are firm and remain firm even in the broth. I liked them a lot. Our service was a bit off - I ordered some "extras" in my soup and none of them found their way to my bowl despite making their way to my bill. Here's a link to CitySearch entry about it: http://seattle.citysearch.com/profile...

    2. I'm not familiar with any place that serves Ramen as you describe. Close substitutes might be Vietnamese pho available at many spots and discussed frequently here. What about udon? Nishino makes a great udon with soba noodles, your choice of grilled chicken or tempura shrimp, mushrooms, greens in a flavorful broth.

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        No shortage of Pho in Seattle.Might get out a phone book and call around Chinatowns gonna have the goodstuff.

      2. takohashi (sp?) in the international district on jackson. it's where i always go for ramen in seattle. they also have delicious bacon fried rice! yum! if you are ever in vancouver b.c., there is amazing ramen at this little hole in the wall called 'kintaro' on denman. sometimes i just drive up there to eat ramen and walk around and come back that evening...i'm pretty sure you can only get pork (or veggie) ramen there.

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          I've heard this is the place to go for ramen soup in Seattle. We went by there once to try it but my son was acting up and they wouldn't sell their ramen soup to go! I took that as a good sign for some strange reason.

        2. I second the vote for Takohachi, although they have some weird hours and often close early. I haven't been to Samurai Noodle yet, but have heard from some ramen loving friends that it has some pretty good options. I've also heard good things about the ramen at Okinawa Teriyaki on Alaskan Way. Some other great noodle places I've been to are Pho Bac and Phenom Phen, both in the ID.

          1. I've been to both Takohachi and Samurai Noodle. I'm currently addicted to the tonkotsu broth at Samurai. Very fatty, but so delicious!

            1. The only place I've actually had ramen is at the food court in Uwajimaya (Bellevue), but I went there last week and they're no longer serving it there. To get ramen-esque noodle soup, you might want to try a couple chinese places in the International district. Kau Kau does a great egg noodle soup with barbecued pork (they specialize in barbecued meat), and Ho Ho seafood restaurant does a pretty good wonton noodle soup with bok choy and other veggies. I believe they also have a noodle soup with slices of duck that is pretty divine.

              1. Tako hatchi does a really nice kasuzuke (black cod marinated in sake lees and broiled), and a salmon fried gyoza that are delish.

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                  This last summer Takohachi discontinued the kasuzuke because their supplier had stopped selling it This was a great tragedy.. Have they started selling it again?

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                    Oh, how sad!!. I haven't been there for a while, PAO, and didn't know. I tend to be too lazy to make it myself. You do know you can get it raw, marinated at Uwajimaya and it only requires simple broiling?

                2. Samurai noodle tonkatsu ramen is delicious! So far it's the best I've found in Seattle.
                  Fu Lin is pretty good, too. Really cheap and you get a lot.

                  1. I just got home from dinner at Samurai Noodle - it's incredible. Nothing like a bowl of rich, hot broth filled with firm noodles and slices of heavenly soft pork. Highly recommended.