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Feb 1, 2007 08:11 AM

Going upstate!

I will be in the woodstock area this weekend. Would like to get a good Saturday night dinner. The only restaurant I know in the area is the Bear in Bearsville and they are booked solid. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. a few favorites:

      miss lucy's kitchen
      new world home cooking
      red onion

      they are all just outside of woodstock [in saugerties] and i think they all have websites with sample menus.

      1. In the area:

        Le Petit Bistro, in Rhinebeck
        Swoon, in Hudson
        Madalin's Table, Tivoli

        The DuPuy Canal House, in High Falls, is closed until Valentine's Day

        1. In the Woodstock are I really like The Bear, Red Onion & New World as well.
          There's a place across the river that is wonderful but the name escapes me.........
          There are TONS of mediocre places out there so stick to the recs, honestly.
          In Kingston Le Canard (sp?) is very good, not far... 15 minute drive.

          Terrapin, that's the name of the place in Rhinebeck. About 20 minute drive from Woodstock and really really good. That just came to me, whew!

          Have a great time Upstate.

          1. Do NOT go to Terrapin! We were in Rhinebeck this past weekend and another couple staying at the inn had a terrible dinner there. Other posts have indicated that it's been going down hill. I can, though, highly recommend Calico. It was fantastic! Great food, service, and overall wonderful experience.

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              To say that Terrapin is "going down hill" gives them too much credit. its always been just mediocre in my opinion.