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Going upstate!

I will be in the woodstock area this weekend. Would like to get a good Saturday night dinner. The only restaurant I know in the area is the Bear in Bearsville and they are booked solid. Any suggestions?

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  1. a few favorites:

    miss lucy's kitchen
    new world home cooking
    red onion

    they are all just outside of woodstock [in saugerties] and i think they all have websites with sample menus.

    1. In the area:

      Le Petit Bistro, in Rhinebeck
      Swoon, in Hudson
      Madalin's Table, Tivoli

      The DuPuy Canal House, in High Falls, is closed until Valentine's Day

      1. In the Woodstock are I really like The Bear, Red Onion & New World as well.
        There's a place across the river that is wonderful but the name escapes me.........
        There are TONS of mediocre places out there so stick to the recs, honestly.
        In Kingston Le Canard (sp?) is very good, not far... 15 minute drive.

        Terrapin, that's the name of the place in Rhinebeck. About 20 minute drive from Woodstock and really really good. That just came to me, whew!

        Have a great time Upstate.

        1. Do NOT go to Terrapin! We were in Rhinebeck this past weekend and another couple staying at the inn had a terrible dinner there. Other posts have indicated that it's been going down hill. I can, though, highly recommend Calico. It was fantastic! Great food, service, and overall wonderful experience.

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            To say that Terrapin is "going down hill" gives them too much credit. its always been just mediocre in my opinion.

          2. If you are in Woodstock for lunch, try Joshua's for soups and salads. They also have other types of food, with a mideast flair.

            1. You may want to try the following place in Kingston, NY.:

              Le Canard–Enchaine, Kingston 845-339-2003

              It is really good food and French bistro type atomosphere.

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                Thanks. I was looking for a good spot in or near The Catskills this weekend.

              2. Ric Orlando's New World Home Cooking is between Saugerties and Woodstock on Rt 212. Great place, great food. Much closer than Rhinebeck to Woodstock.

                1. a bit far from Woodstock but possibly on your way to or from there: Beso in New Paltz

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                    In Rock Hill NY there is a fantastic restaraunt called Bernie's Holiday....FANTASTIC French Onion soup and broiled Lobster. Also, request the double stuffed baked potatos and for an appetizer, the seared tuna won't disappoint. Also in the area is the original Old Homestead.

                  2. I've been to Terrapin many times and have had wonderful food and service there every time. The space is also spectacular, in a former church with high ceilings. I can recommend Terrapin first hand and without hesitation.

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                      A Boston, Western Ma. & Vt. Hound lurking here. I haven't been to Terrapin, as of yet.
                      So I don't have a dog in this fight. But I've gotta say that it seems like every time Terrapin's mentioned in a thread a rock fight breaks out. How can this one resto seem to engender such wide & wild divergence of opinions?

                    2. In Woodstock, I would go to the Red Onion. If you want to travel a bit I would recommend Le Petit Bistro ,in Rhinebeck over La Canard anyday for french fare, a bit closer is The French Corner in Stoneridge. I like the bistro/bar Red which is part of Terrapin...we go there pre- Upstate Films.
                      But I love Madlin's Table over in Tivoli and Beso's in New Paltz is an expensive fav --their calamari appetizer is hands down the lightest and best, the chipotle sauce served with it is perfect (Madalin's Tables calamari is heavier with a corn meal crust served with a tomato confit).
                      Another suggestion is to drive out Rt 28 to Peekamoose...
                      There is a lot to choose from in this area.

                      1. In New Paltz The Village TeaRoom, Terrapin Bistro (the cheaper better value half of the church building), The Red Onion.