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Feb 1, 2007 08:10 AM

Parchment paper - where to find in grocery markets?

Which chain grocery markets carry parchment paper (if it helps, I am in the West Los Angeles area)? I've already tried Whole Foods and Ralph's in Westwood - neither carry it. And, also what section of the market can I find it?


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  1. Seriously? I find it everywhere -- Wal-Mart, etc. I'm pretty sure Reynolds makes it, and it's right where you'd find aluminum foil.

    1. At Vicente Foods, parchment paper is in the baking section.

      1. Not a supermarket, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it at K-Mart - house brand, Martha Stewart line...

        1. It's where the waxed paper, aluminum foil, etc. are. I've never had problems finding it anywhere.

          1. I never have trouble finding it either, but I am finding that the unbleached parchment is getting harder and harder to find- call me silly, but I just prefer the look of it!