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Parchment paper - where to find in grocery markets?

Which chain grocery markets carry parchment paper (if it helps, I am in the West Los Angeles area)? I've already tried Whole Foods and Ralph's in Westwood - neither carry it. And, also what section of the market can I find it?


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  1. Seriously? I find it everywhere -- Wal-Mart, etc. I'm pretty sure Reynolds makes it, and it's right where you'd find aluminum foil.

    1. At Vicente Foods, parchment paper is in the baking section.

      1. Not a supermarket, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it at K-Mart - house brand, Martha Stewart line...

        1. It's where the waxed paper, aluminum foil, etc. are. I've never had problems finding it anywhere.

          1. I never have trouble finding it either, but I am finding that the unbleached parchment is getting harder and harder to find- call me silly, but I just prefer the look of it!

            1. i thought for sure it would be in the baking section, but found it next to the trash bags. go figure.

              1. I just grabbed some myself, first time I had noticed it, it was Reynolds and on the bottom shelf with the wax paper. I think I was looking at Zip lock bags but not positive.

                1. I get it at both Ralphs and Vons all the time, right there with the foil and wax paper. I've noticed that sometimes when a store is out of something they tend to claim that they don't carry it, for whatever fool reason I'll never know!

                  1. I just bought a huge box at Costco -- same section as the foils.

                    1. At Giant Eagle and stores in Pgh, it's in the baking section, not with the other paper products.

                      1. If you really can't find it in your supermarket or Target, try Linen N Things. They have the siliconized parchment paper. It maybe overpriced, but sometimes shopping can be so frustrating and you can't spend days looking for the best price on things like parchment paper.

                        1. I buy it at Bed BAth and Beyond. They stock the Wilton brand and it is more generously sized, being 15" wide so it fits a half sheet pan better than some of the other brands.

                          1. Whole food in Pasadena and Glendale carry it. Sometimes in the baking aisle, sometimes by the plastic wraps. Bed Bath and Beyond has it. I used to get it at Smart and Final, but I like the one from whole foods better. I also know wild oats in Pasadena carries it.

                            1. Smart and Final has it at a reasonable price, just ask an emploree as it is hard to spot.

                              1. I'm not suprised--I've found it hard to find too. I'm also in LA and have a couple coupons for it and none of the Ralphs around seem to have it. In fact the manager at one Ralphs finally told me they don't stock that stuff after Thanksgiving. As if people don't bake anything after that. I'll have to check out the other chains mentioned and forget the coupons.

                                1. If you are in LA I have found it in most supermarkets I've been into. [Whole Foods, Ralph's, Vons, Pavillions] A good place to find different variations of it pre cut is Surfas Restaurant Supply in Culver City. There you can by a half sheet pan for $5 and a 1/2 ream [250 sheets] of precut half sheet pan parchment for about $14. I have not made a real dent in my first set and I bake frequently,

                                  Surfas Restaurant Supply
                                  Corner of W. Washington and National Blvd.
                                  Culver City CA 90232

                                  1. I bought some at Safeway over the holidays (only thing I bought, and the first time I've been in a big chain supermarket in months). I can't remember whether it was in the baking aisle or the foil/plastic wrap aisle, though. It was even on sale!