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Feb 1, 2007 08:03 AM

Anyone tried Trestle on Tenth?

Trestle is on 10th Avenue at 24th Street -- anyone been there? It was recommended by a chef friend and we have reservations for Saturday night. Thanks.

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  1. It's in my neighborhood and was also recommended to me by the owner of Appellation Wines, who liked it a lot. Haven't been myself yet, but please report back and let us all know how you liked it!

    1. Hi there. I tried this place a few months back with my parents. When I heard that the chef was Swiss I knew I had to bring them here to sample the cuisine from a fellow countryman. Needless to say the food is not authentically Swiss, but more New American with a few touches of Swiss cuisine like spaetzle and sausage. I remember the wine list being quite good. I would recommend it if you're in the area already, but not really worth a trek out to it if you're nowhere near.

      1. We really enjoyed our meal at Trestle last week. I agree that it's not necessarily worth the trek, but a very nice neighborhood place all the same. The service was friendly and accomodating, good food and reasonable prices. We started off with the cured meat and cheese platter for the table...a few different Swiss cheeses presented very nicely. I shared a field green salad with hazelnuts with my boyfriend and he couldn't stop raving about the quality of the greens. For main courses he had the shortribs and I had the chicken -- both were solid and tasty, just nothing exceptional. We didn't order dessert but the kitchen sent out a long tray (like what you would serve olives in) of warm tiny little chocolate chip cookies. They were the most interesting part of the meal -- they had a definite kick to them and we were told that they included pink peppercorns, orange zest, cinnamon and a few other spices. Delicious way to end a pleasant meal on a freezing cold night.

        1. Thanks for the review, JennS....since I am in the neighborhood, I think I'll wander over and give it a try.

          Was it crowded? Noisy? Did you have wine?

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            We sat in the window area so even though the restaurant was full (and the bar area was fairly crowded) noise was not an issue for us. It was an interesting crowd -- a good mix of younger and older people. We did have wine -- a bottle of some sort of Swiss white which was very nice and then a wonderful merlot from a Long Island vineyard.

          2. The wine is the best part of this restaurant. The food is pretty good too for a "neighborhood" place.