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Feb 1, 2007 08:00 AM

Where can I get nonpasteurized (Raw) Milk

I have heard rumors that it is possible to obtain nonpasteurized (Raw) milk some where in NYC, though it is quite low key because of the regulations the city has in place.

I’ve found this link: , but again nothing about obtaining this in the city.

Additionally does anyone know if there is a significant difference in taste?


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  1. Why would you want raw milk? - see this fda health warning.

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      I grew up on a dairy farm and drank unpasteurized whole milk for the first 18 years of my life. The FDA health warnings were not a big concern for us since we knew exactly what our cows were ingesting and we consumed the milk within 36 hours (max) of it being out of the cow. Of course someone in the city purchasing raw milk from a retail outlet does not have that same peace of mind.

      Yes, it does taste different. Raw milk tastes *much* richer and creamier.

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        I went to visit my new girlfriend in Indiana over the weekend & she goes into Kentucky to get raw milk & i tried it for first time & was blown away...I usually hate milk , but LOVED this, tasted so much better, no lactose intolerance or a lot of mucus...the whole pastuerization thing is a huge scam!

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          Believing that "the whole pasteurization thing is a huge scam" because you liked the taste and (presumably) didn't get sick is your right, though I think many would disagree. Saying so in a public forum borders on reckless.

          I like raw milk as well and sure, there's a debate to be had over the availability of products that can be unsafe, but to say that pasteurization is a scam is to ignore the science of microbiology and a long history of foodborne illness that preceded its adoption.

      2. As far as I know, you can't buy raw milk (to drink) in any store in the city, but I have seen it for sale labeled "for pets, not for human consumption" at a few natural food stores. It's frozen, oddly enough.

        While I'm not sure you'd want to drink that, raw milk is often available at farms upstate. I've tried it a few time and while it does have a different taste than we're used to, it's alright, just different. It also seems harder to foam / steam raw milk for coffee drinks, but I don't know the science behind this.

        Here's a recent article about it:

        1. You can get raw milk in the city - usually, you have to be part of a community supported agriculture (CSA) share. See this

          That said, I mean, you are of course going to experience a taste difference when you compare raw milk to crap that you might find at Gristedes. But if all you are looking for is an improvement in taste from Gristedes milk, I suggest getting the full fat Ronnybrook - which is a lot less of a hassle to buy and cheaper. Or there is another guy who sells his milk at Murrays and it is also good - maybe even better than Ronnybrook, but more costly. Most people I have met who do the raw milk thing do it because of health reasons and claim it to have curative properties. Taste is a secondary, but still important, consideration.

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            I agree. If you don't need the raw milk to make cheese or something but are looking for good taste, go with Ronnybrook Farm. I buy their CreamLine and it is fantastic (and I stopped using cow milk years ago because I didn't like it, but Ronnybrook has brought be back). They are at the Union Square market, the West 97th St. market, and they have a store/milk bar in Chelsea Market.

            Edit: the CreamLine is pasteurized but it's nonhomogenized (if that matters to you).

          2. you can join the dairy club It really sucks that you can't just go to a store and buy raw milk, since it's so much better for you. The milk comes from Amish farmers in PA and is amazing, along with all of their other dairy product.

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              What are the prices like through the dairy club?

            2. The original comment has been removed