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Prime Grill $

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Around how much should I expect to pay for a group of 10 adults for dinner at P.G.?

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    1. that is about right but if you just tell everyone entrees only and water to drink probablu 400-500

      1. I'm thinking 10 people, appetizer, main, side, dessert and drinks. Still $750?

        1. Probably more - if every one gets one - as I recall appetizers are 15-20, mains 30-50, sides 8-10, desert 10-15 and drinks could be as high as 12-15

          1. my wife and i went 2 weeks ago, we each had an appetizer, main, dessert and drinks, the total was 220 with out the tip

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              Boy am I in the wrong business! A two chicken special at Brachs with 3 side dishes feeding 4-8 costs $15. I shouldn't talk since I do frequent those restaurants. Only when I go I usually split the main since the portions tend to be large (and I am 200lbs+). $200 is what a big shopping for the week at Brachs for my family of 4 would cost. Wow! Post should be labeled Prime Grill $$$$.

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                yep, luckily i wasn't paying.

                and btw the 2 chicken is 20 bux

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                  I stand corrected, I just ask the Rebitzin, $13.99 (not $15) for two chickens and 2 (not 3) side dishes.

              1. When my husband and I go, it comes out to close to $200 with the tip. So for 10 people I'd say close to a $1,000

                1. Whether it is business or family, when 10 people get together they eat!
                  I'm not sure but may I suggest you ask if you can do a "fixed" menu for the group? Sometimes for business dinners where I need to keep a budget, I work with management to do a fixed menu and give a choice for a "3" course meal (salad or "appetizer", meat or fish/chicken choice, and a dessert choice). Drinks are the wild card but again, if you figure two bottles of wine choices, most will stick to that unless you know for sure so and so wants a whiskey, for example. Over and above that, I'd say at least $1000 also. Let's say you get a few appetizers for the table - at around $20-30 each you're looking at $100- 150. At ten people times let's say $50 average (as some dishes are less and a few are more) $500. Are you ordering salads ($12-15/ea)? Drinks? (bottle of wine, or an overpriced martini could add $20-40/person). Bottled water or tap? Desserts? $12 ish/ea. Coffee with the desserts? ($6 each! and watch out for the after dinner liquers!) Tax! I always forget the tax, and don't forget Tip is going to be added for that many people.

                  1. This is one of my favorite places to live out of when I visit NYC. I'd say count on about $15 per appetizer and $40 - $55 (I believe their most expensive steak is $60) for the main course. Right there you are already at the $550 - $700 range. Drinks? Not sure on that one, depending on wine costs or mixed drinks. I'd say to anticipate closer to $1150 for just the product portion, then add in tip and such.

                    I have a rough time keeping my bill under $100 for myself when I go there, though, since it is so rare that I get there, I do tend to enjoy it a bit!