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Feb 1, 2007 07:44 AM

Prime Grill $

Around how much should I expect to pay for a group of 10 adults for dinner at P.G.?

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    1. that is about right but if you just tell everyone entrees only and water to drink probablu 400-500

      1. I'm thinking 10 people, appetizer, main, side, dessert and drinks. Still $750?

        1. Probably more - if every one gets one - as I recall appetizers are 15-20, mains 30-50, sides 8-10, desert 10-15 and drinks could be as high as 12-15

          1. my wife and i went 2 weeks ago, we each had an appetizer, main, dessert and drinks, the total was 220 with out the tip

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              Boy am I in the wrong business! A two chicken special at Brachs with 3 side dishes feeding 4-8 costs $15. I shouldn't talk since I do frequent those restaurants. Only when I go I usually split the main since the portions tend to be large (and I am 200lbs+). $200 is what a big shopping for the week at Brachs for my family of 4 would cost. Wow! Post should be labeled Prime Grill $$$$.

              1. re: MartyB

                yep, luckily i wasn't paying.

                and btw the 2 chicken is 20 bux

                1. re: kiddush hopper

                  I stand corrected, I just ask the Rebitzin, $13.99 (not $15) for two chickens and 2 (not 3) side dishes.