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Feb 1, 2007 07:25 AM

Business Dinner Midtown - Nice w/Good Wine List

I'm hoping some NY Hounds can help me out. My boss is looking for a nice restaurant in Midtown to take some prospects, with a good wine list. I haven't been working for her very long, so I need to impress. Thank so much!

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  1. Although I haven't been to Alto, I suggested that my daughter take some business associates there, and she said it was excellent. The reason I felt confident in recommending Alto is that it's the more upscale sister restaurant of the wonderful L'Impero, which I have been to, and Scott Conant is the executive chef at both.

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      I LOVE Alto! I thought the food was amazing, the wine list very appropriate and the clientele attractive. My lunch partner was concentrating more on the dazzling J.P. Morgan bankers in their slim-fit suits than on the meal at hand, but I can attest to the fact that you can't go wrong with Alto. Though Lever House does come in close.

      Which part of Midtown are you looking at? There are many choices depending on the specific area.

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        Thank you both very much. I think Alto looks fabulous! She wasn't very specific as to which part of Midtown - I will have to see if she has any specifics in mind.

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        I'll add another vote for Alto. Excellent food, lengthy wine list, and nice atmosphere. Good call.

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          I'll second this recommendation -sent my boss there and he said it was quite good. I would, however, recommend asking for a table outside of the main dining room if they'll want something quieter and more private.

          I also end up booking at Molyvos, Estiatorio Milos, and the Modern for Midtown business lunches, and all three seem to be winners.

        2. My bosses always go to Artisanal on their business lunches.

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            Artisanal might be fine for a casual business lunch (though I happen to think the food's just o.k.), but I definitely do not think it's a place "to impress," which is what thecleave is looking for.

          2. I'd recommend Aureole: perfect for a business dinner and a wonderful wine list (and wine director!).

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              Thanks ellenost...that was actually the first place I thought of! I've only been to the one in Vegas - where I thought the wine was better than the food - but I've heard better things about the original.

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                I haven't been to Aureole in Vegas (although if I can ever convince my sister to return to Las Vegas with me, I definitely want to go to Aureole), but NY Aureole is wonderful! The first few times that I had dined at Aureole were business dinners, and they were always perfect. My sister has taken her clients to Aureole, and has never been disappointed. The food is wonderful, the service is always perfect, the noise level is alway fine for a business dinner. I hope you do choose Aureole; I don't think you would be disappointed.

            2. bar americain is the go-to spot for a business lunch or dinner. i take my clients there at least twice a month. the wine list is extensive and the food is amazing. it's on 52nd and 7th ave.

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                As I have said before on this board, our experience with the food at Bar Americain was anything *but* amazing. The word I would choose to describe the food served to us is -- awful!

              2. Assuming no budget constraints and the desire to impress go for Daniel, Modern, Per Se if you have enough time to get the res, Oceana, Aquavit or the Four Seasons. Do you have any ideas in terms of type of food or location and if the clients are from NY or not. If they are not from NY then Bar Americain or Nobu 57 (more sake than wine) might impress the most with their celebrity chefs.