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Feb 1, 2007 07:23 AM

Fancy Valentine's Day breakfast?

I'm trying to organize a delicious, indulgent restaurant breakfast on Valentine's Day, which falls mid-week this year. The first places that come to mind to try are the hotels, but the Bristol comprises the entire extent of my experience in that department. Does anyone have any personal experience with tasty, fancy breakfasts, preferably downtown? I'd like something inventive, or at least, something beyond bacon and eggs for 4 times a reasonable price just because they're served in a plush environment.

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  1. Maybe Eastern Standard. I know they do breakfast everyday but I'm not sure if they serve the brunch menu daily. I like their brunch, good duck confit & eggs. Steak & eggs are also very good. GREAT cocktails.

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      In additin, I think BeaconHill Bistro is supposed to do a nice breakfast.

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        The breakfast menu at Beacon Hill Bistro is indeed very good.

        Service aside (which ranges anywhere from fine to aloof), the food is remarkably tasty, consistently passing my simple breakfast test, namely: "Could I have easily cooked a better breakfast at home?"

        The menu consists of tastefully gussied-up takes on the usual suspects. My three favorites are the vanilla pancakes, the French toast with strawberries and spiced creme fraiche, and the homemade muesli with fruit and yogurt.

        Their dark roast coffee is also among my favorites in town.

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          Thank you for both suggestions.

          I haven't yet been to Eastern Standard, but with all the positive feedback on the board, breakfast there sounds intriguing. Problem is, there's no breakfast menu posted on their website and I couldn't find any indication of their hours (whether they're even open on weekday mornings) either. Odd, unless they serve their brunch menu all week...

          I hadn't even thought of Beacon Hill Bistro, even though I've enjoyed it at dinner time. Their menu online doesn't look wildly inspired, but finlero's positive feedback is very encouraging - especially given that we seem to share the same breakfast test!

          Another idea that occurs to me is to go more casual (but still, hopefully, delicious and beyond run-of-the mill) and try the new Flour location in South Boston. Does anyone know how the seating area is there? Is it remotely more private that the cramped, communal quarters at Flour in the South End?

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            I believe Eastern Standard opens at 7 a.m. for breakfast on weekdays. I was there this morning; their breakfast offerings (which do differ somewhat from their brunch menu) included omelet, oatmeal, veggie frittata, three eggs any style, and a fruit plate. Can't remember the rest.