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Feb 1, 2007 06:50 AM

WeHo? Equal Parts Food & Scene. Out of Town Friend of course.

I'm in Venice, They're staying in Silver Lake so we're looking in the West Hollywood area.

I know the two usually don't mix, but there must be something with a decent mix of food & scene.

Beverly, 3rd St., Melrose, La Cienega

The out of town friend fancy's himself as somewhat of a hipster. But as long as I have to go, there better be some decent food.

Shouldn't be a total loss.

Thanks as usual.


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  1. Scene? Their Bar area isn't huge, but a friend of mine first met his future wife there! Their website says Beverly Hills, but actually I believe it's in West Hollywood & the food will exceed the "decent" test:

    Chaya Brasserie
    8741 Alden Dr., WeHo
    (310) 859-8833

    1. Orso. We like the food and their patio is probably in the top 2 or 3 in LA. Lots of different types of folks, from Hollywood to Old Money types to younger groups.

      1. I'll throw my vote in for Roko Sushi. Very hipster and the sushi is acceptable. especially the jalapeno rock tempura rolls. or you could also go to Koi.

        1. BLD on Beverly or Bin 8945

          1. all scene: republic (la cienega) and simon l.a. (beverly at the Sofitel).