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Feb 1, 2007 06:32 AM

Fish tacos in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can get a fish taco in Toronto, preferably downtown? I'd like to try one.

I think they're a Californian invention, where lightly breaded or grilled fish is snuggled into a taco shell with coleslaw, but please correct me if I am wrong.

Would the halibut burrito at Burrito Boyz be a close approximation to the real deal?

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  1. I've had fish tacos at The Drake, however, they were not enjoyable because the fish was a bit dry and "too fishy". I hear the chef has changed since then though, so if it's still on the menu, perhaps they've improved on them.

    1. The halibut at Burrito Boyz is nothing like a fish taco. It is truly a wonderful dish, however the halibut is battered and deep fried and wrapped in a flour tortilla with veggies and sauces.

      You mogh try chimichanga which has actual fish tacos, with lightly breaded white fish in a corn tortilla, but I am not sure about the coleslaw.

      1. I have attempted this futile search myself. You've better off trying to make them at home. There is absolutely nothing in Toronto that even mildly approaches an authentic SoCal fish taco. But if you do find a place, I beg you to report back.

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          That's correct - I've looked too :-/

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            Its near next to impossible to find good fish tacos in T.O., except I had a half decent one at The Stockyards on St. Clair. The online menu is now seemingly up-to-speed. A little hard to eat insofar as you are distracted by all the other things you think you should be eating (like their new burger Green Chile Pimento Cheese burger).

          2. I'm not sure about Fish Tacos, but Bel Burrito has an awesome fish burrito!

            1. No go for TO. Burrito Boyz is like fish&chips in a tortilla. DIY works. Try grilled instead of fried fish.