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Feb 1, 2007 06:25 AM

Has anyone ever made Aligot ?

I read about "aligot" in a guide to bistros in Paris, as a regional specialty in the Lozere region of France. It's basically garlic and cheese mashed potates. Here is a link:
Has anyone one ever had this or made it? It looks un appetizing, but It sounds delicious.

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  1. lol, that picture doesn't do it justice.

    it's rich and creamy and delicious. i've served it in fingerling potato "skins", and it's to die for with a nice dry white wine. the garlic is optional (depending on the town) and the right cheese is critical.

    1. Yes! Never knew what it was called (one of my dinnermates ordered for us), but I had it in an Auvergne-style restaurant and it was definitely to die for. Buttery, cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I followed your link and doubt I could find the cheese here, but if you can --go for it.

      1. From the photo, it looks like something found in Yellowstone Natl Park.

        1. I had it in Paris and it is to die for. If you love potatoes, this will send you out of this world. I'd like to know what cheeses can be substituted as it's very hard to find the one called for in the recipe.

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            I'm curious about a cheese sub, too. It looks like tomme is a semi-soft, aged, cow's milk cheese. The picture looks like a Brie (with the white rind), but I'm guessing tomme is firmer and milder than that.

          2. Yes, I have made it. It was on the menu. After the potatoes (yukons for their golden color) are riced, add the remaining ingredients over the stove, and stir like a maniac, to bring out the glutens in the potato, giving it the thick, gooey consistency.