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Heart-Shaped Pizza?

One of my friends is trying to find a restaurant that has heart-shaped pizza in celebration of Valentines Day. She noted that the West Coast pizza chain, Papa Murphy’s, is known for their heart-shaped pizzas, covered in red (fitting for the holiday) pepperoni and sprinkled with cheese. Customers can order the pizzas and bring them home to eat without the craziness of an influx of patrons dining on Valentines Day. Any place around here exist like this, or offers similar promotions?

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  1. Along the lines of heart-shaped food, a week or so ago, I saw red, heart-shaped ravioli for sale in the freezer section of the Italian Store in Arlington.

    1. This may not be particularly convenient, but Papa Petrone's in Woodbridge used to always make heart-shaped pizzas for carry out--you cook them at home--very yummy. Here's the address and telephone number: 4168 Merchant Plaza (Prince William Parkway at Route 641 in the Glen Center), Woodbridge, 703-878-4100.

      1. Armands Pizza use to offer them.

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        1. There's a place in Springfield where I got a heart-shaped pizza years ago. Some place on Keene Mill Rd. Maybe that will jog someone's memory?

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            That was Papa Petrone's Pizza, which moved (sadly) to Woodbridge a couple of years ago.

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              That stinks -- but good news for Woodbridgians. Any good nonchain along the Prince William Parkway corridor is a plus.

          2. Pi Pizza in Kittanning, Pa has heart shaped pizza just for Valentines Day. Check them out. There address is 180 S. Jefferson Street, Kittanning, Pa 16201. Phone number 724-543-3878. I hope that helps.

            1. Sometimes morning TV news programs have guest Chefs on for what really are little infomercials for their restaurants. A while back, one touted the newish Waldorf location of the Dallas-based chain "Boston's The Gourmet Pizza" on a Washington TV channel. The "Chef" did a demo of their heart-shaped pizza and noted that a portion of the sale would be donated to a heart-health charity. I live nowhere near Waldorf so I have no first hand insight. If it's geographically compatible, maybe worth a call: 301-396-4988


              1. Papa Johns is having an internet only special consisting of a thin-crust one topping in the shape of a heart and an order of their new cinnamon sticks for $15. If you're interested, the code is 20808c.

                I just ordered one. =)

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                  Do you know if this is all papa john stores?

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                    Yes i think that all the papa johns have the heart pizzas because i live in linthicum, md and i called my local papa johns and they had it so i would try calling. its worth a try

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                      I pre-ordered heart shaped pizzas from the PJ in Rosslyn-to be delivered tommorow at lunch to my DH office (ordered 3 so his office could enjoy too,,,,,and tease him)


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                    I'm having trouble figuring out how to order it online...do you have to order a regular pizza and add the code at the end?

                  3. I had a heart-shaped pizza on my blog yesterday: www.annmah.net

                    Actually, I think this would be pretty easy to do at home -- and you could even use pre-made dough from Trader Joe's, sprinkle on your own toppings... sounds pretty romantic.

                    1. Manny and Olga's pizza is also doing a heart shaped pizza for V-day.