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Best restaurants in houses

We have a guest coming back to Austin and he really likes "restaurants in houses." We've taken him to Zoot and to East Side, and he just really likes that aspect of visiting Austin. (I hadn't really thougth about it, but I guess that's not common elsewhere.) So, can I get your recommendations of good "restaurants in houses?"
Thanks in advance.

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  1. How about Moonshine for Happy Hour or Sunday Brunch?

    1. Aquarelle and Eastside Cafe would be my picks for the two best "Restaurants in Houses" category.

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      1. Angie's for carnitas tacos and corn tortillas!

        1. Paggi House is fun for a drink. They only serve light appetizer plates, though.

              1. If Mars hasn't closed yet (they're moving) I'd recommend that!

                1. Azul on Cesar Chavez is in a 1920's era home.They have fancy sandwiches[sandwich,chips,drink and cookie is about 12bucks] and good coffee.Sit out back in the courtyard and while away the afternoon or sit inside[hw floors] and be charmed by baristas who have preternaturally good taste in music and spin vinyl all day long.

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                    I love Azul's sandwiches, very fresh. But Azul also has great waffle folds, which are basically waffle sandwiches with tasty fillings (like lemon curd or pb&j). The also have really great (thick) english muffins and an interesting variety of lattes. So I would recommend breakfast there too. Is El Chile a house? Because that place has great everything from salsa to dinner specials to drinks.

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                      El Gringo has a bar behind it in a house. I think it's called 'The Little Red House' or something. The drinks are a little pricey but the queso fries are delightful.

                      Green Pastures is in an amazing old mansion and Salvation Pizza is in what used to be a house. Also the original Kerbey Lane on Kerbey Lane.

                  2. Foodheads still makes a pretty killer sandwich...

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                      I second that - the Gypsy Grove and the Roasted Lamb sandwiches are great

                    2. Cafe Jose on 6th across the stret from the Sweedish Hill Bakery

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                        Hi foodsnob44,

                        Welcome to the Austin board. The more ‘hounds who share opinions here, the better for all of us who are looking for truly delicious chow.

                        In that spirit, I must say that my own experiences at Cafe Josie have been pleasant, mainly because of the mellow atmosphere, but I personally haven’t been impressed with their chow. Here’s a link to an earlier review for some details:


                        Do you love the food at Cafe Josie? What have you had there recently? Can you describe it?


                      2. There is also Uchi. Although the accoustics are not the greatest, I love what Michael Hsu and Joel Mozersky were able to do with the interior.

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                          Try Mi Colombia on E. 7th, between Comal and Chicon. I like the ropa vieja with maduros (sweet fried plantains), but everything I've tried is quite good. If your entree comes with a salad, they will give you a little ramekin of bottled Italian dressing. Ask for their cilantro dressing instead. And try the papas rellenos for an appetizer.