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Feb 1, 2007 06:08 AM

Best Chili!!!

Chile that makes you go WOW!!!

SpitfiresBBQ in Canton on Washington is worth a drive.

Paul's Chili is outrageously good, filled with brisket! The rest of the chow is pretty damn good too!

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  1. Pork green chili at Redbones is pretty tasty.

    1. Since I was born on the Texas/New Mexico border and grew up in both places, I have two different definitions of chili. Chili as in Texas chili, as in chili con carne: Deep Ellum in Union Square Allston. This is the first decent bowl of chili I've gotten since I moved to Boston five years ago next month. It's properly sludgy. (Note to purists, which I am not: there are beans. I personally am okay with this.)

      Chili as in New Mexico-style green chile stew...I just make my own. There's not any worth the name here.

      1. Just got home from Deep Ellum and my wife grabbed a bowl of chili, which was solid. I usually make my own and go way over the top on everything, but this one was very balanced and tasty. Good go to chili. It was much better than my chili at Audubon earlier this evening, which was chili 5-ways and tasted like hamburger helper.

        1. Is there any other chili that you like besides Spitfires, gyppielou? What about other decent places to eat in the Canton area?

          1. I really like the "Texas State Penitentiary Chili" at All Star Sandwich Bar. Definitely a Texas-style chili. Beef, no tomato, no beans.