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Feb 1, 2007 04:42 AM

mortons vs. smith and wolensky

i have an opportunity to have a gift certificate to morton's or smith and wolensky. we love porterhouse and a great vodka martini in a fine martini up glass (a must). the certificate will be for either 100 or 200 dollars (it's reward points from credit card)
who votes for what and which certificate?

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  1. I prefer s&w - if you eat on the Wollensky Grill side, you're seated right by the bar and very capable bartenders.

    Of course, if it's porterhouse you love, you should go to Luger.

    1. Morton's has one of the best dressed-up steak options I've ever had, 2 petite filets on toasts, topped w/ lump crabmeat and bernaise sauce. Sort of a filet mignon "benedict". However, if a more clean steak is your thing, I'd go to Luger's. Best steak around (IMO).

      1. Of the two I'd pick S&W. At least they dry-age their steaks unlike the wet-aged mush Morton's sells.

        1. Personally I think the S&W Bone In Cajun RibEye is the best steak in NYC.

          1. What's to compare. S&W is a true steakhouse with a great steak.

            Morton's has gone downhill over the last ten years and is not true to the Chicago location on the 70's. I actually left half my steak on a plate last year (first and only time i did not finish a PH is 30 years) and when the head waiter came over for the normal "how is everything?" i told him the steak was horrible. His reaction was "Thank you" and walked away. All i could do was smile at my colleagues.

            I'd choose a bunch of steak places over Morton's while very few over S&W.